Chaponda grilled in Parliament!


Malawi Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda failed to sleep in Parliament today as he faced a barrage of questions from members regarding the country’s food security situation.

Among other questions, the Parliamentarians wanted to know if his ministry is aware that people are stealing maize from ADMARC depots and that the grain is taken away from some depots without proper procedures.

George Chaponda
Now wide awake: Chaponda

The MPs also asked government to provide relief maize to Malawians affected by hunger in several districts including Zomba where the parliamentarians claim people are yet to get food aid.

In answering the questions, Chaponda maintained that maize stays at the depot where it was intended for as the grain is not relocated by ADMARC officials.

The minister’s responses however did not please some members and Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Msozi South Vitus Mwale rose on a point of order to ask the minister to be clearer in his responses.

“The honourable minister in his answering of the questions in this house is meandering. This house want to know if maize a protected crop or not? Is he aware that ADMARC is buying maize and then removing it,” said Mwale.

However, Chaponda claimed that what he answers in Parliament are expert opinions and they are the same opinions which are shared with donors and other stakeholders.



  1. As a cameraman in this house, I’ll continue zoom in him now n then so that he’ll keep staying awake!

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