Govt sets ‘tough’ punishments on poachers

The Malawi government through the ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining has warned park officials who help poachers to kill wild animals that they will face consequences.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of newly trained park rangers, Principal Secretary in the ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Kester Kaphaizi said Malawi is losing a lot of money due to the decrease in number of tourists visiting the parks.

Wildlife under threat in Malawi.
Wildlife under threat in Malawi.

He said the decrease has come about because there are few animals in the parks. The principal secretary disclosed that elephants have decreased from 4000 to 2000 in Malawi’s parks.

Kaphaizi further said that government will bring to book all officers perpetrating poaching in parks of the country.

During the ceremony 28 officers graduated from Liwonde National Park, with expectations of having more in three months time.

Earlier this year, President Peter Mutharika launched the anti-poaching campaign aimed at sensitizing the public on then need to stop killing animals in parks.

The campaign has witnessed Mutharika and diplomats speaking out against poaching and other wildlife crimes.



  1. Why not punish those one there are killing albino why !!!!!! This goverment so stupid !!!!! Shit what president done of all ppl killed #Malawi is fuckd up now

  2. Those killing animals will be punished how abt those that are killing albinos like animals?.Yet they are also human beings musatinyasepo apa atandaibwe inu control the lives of albinos first not animals

  3. even me I will punish yur animals and I have 3 cases which are running in court njovu ikuyankha mlandu ogona mubafa mwanga ndposo ndionesesa ndngiswayo asaone nkhope pamlanduwu nyama zikudelera kwambr

  4. The heaven father may help you o and punish hence you don’t mind about your people but animals eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!wat z animal after o?shame on u

  5. shaaaa ngati zikhàlire mmenemo kukhàla kusowa kwa zakudya mthupi kutupikana sidźinaoneķe ndithu ndalama yogulira nyama tizitenga kuti ngàti tikusowa ya mchere

  6. Tough punishment?? Y GVT is so stupid like this?? U always keep animals out of control, u dont fix the fence, monkeys and elephants are destroying our crops, at the end u dont pay us. We gona keep on poaching [email protected] your so called animals are grazing on our farms.

  7. M’malo moti akhwimise chilango kwa anthu omwe akupha ma albino, wapezeka nayeso aphedwe. Koma boma ili ndilachinyengo, nyama zakuthengo ndizo zapambana kuposa munthu,

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