Chakwera tells Malawians to wake up

Lazarus Chakwera
Lazarus Chakwera
Chakwera says everyone needs to wake up.

Leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera has openly asked Malawians to ‘wake up from their slumber’ if the country is to develop and could not hide his frustrations at the Peter Mutharika administration.

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President  titled his response to the State of the nation address made by Mutharika on Friday  as “Dzukani A Malawi (Wake Up Malawians)”.

In his response, Chakwera argued that the reforms that the Peter Mutharika led government has  implemented are useless and not helpful at all.

While  branding Mutharika as a liar, Chakwera said the reforms have failed the country’s economy from stabilizing.

Chakwera says ”’Reforms are just not making sense when theres hunger, food shortages, drugs shortages and insecurities in Malawi.”

The opposition leader said the hunger situation that hit Malawi as a result of poor planning by the government.

He argues that there is more of talking and not ‘doing’ on the part of the government citing the greenbelt initiative among others.


(Full depicts from the speech in our subsequent stories.)



  1. Mr chakwera you are still sleeping wakeup my friend,umangokamba ngati wakhalira mutu bwanji ukamati njala what do mean Mr MCP president?njala yili palipose mu Africa muno nde ukuti bwanji apa

  2. Chiyambirenji njala iye chakwera achitapo chani??
    Asatiputsise uyu palibepo wabwino apa. Ovotera sindikumuona ine 2019. Atupere nanu simulankhulapo kalikonse

  3. Oh my! Mr Chakwera you think you can buy favours with ur STUPID criticism against the well elaborated SONA? That’s cheap politics you Pharisee! Better go back to ur evangelical work, may be u r better suited there(though i doubt it wth ur hypocrisy)! It seems the stupid trend of blacklisting everythng the govt says is eating away the once wise minds of those in opposition. MARK MY WORDS: If this continues, MCP WILL NEVER RULE MALAWI IN A FORESEEABLE FUTURE, NOT BCOZ DPP IS ANY BETTER BUT COZ OF HOW THE OPPOSITION IS PLAYING ITS CARDS! U WILL REMAIN BE BEST LOOSERS(COMING SECOND IN GENERAL ELECTGASK TEMBO HE WILL SUBSTANTIATE MY WORDS!

  4. Nthawi yakamuzu kunali njala bakili naye kunali njala anthu amadya ufa wayelo so chakwela azakhala wotsutsa mpaka imfa yake

  5. All governments dont govern.All presidents become just people after elections.And that means politics is an expedient vehicle that takes us no where than the end.If you Chakwera try him,he will not govern after soon after elections.And we will hit hard again on him.We tried JB she didnt govern.and we threw her out the first office.We tried Bingu he didnt govern,and we protested.some died.Muluzi didnt govern,we protested.Evison died.Today its peter he is not.And the noise I hear tells me protests are in progress.We cannot trust the politic man coz he is already on top of us.and he wants to remain on top.He has best up cars,good houses,allowances.And even pretty wives.The politic man doesnt think of a local nurse,teacher,policeman,soldier and all.All we is to think of us.I dont see a fair politic man to come.

  6. I have great expectation that if chakwera can be in power Malawi somehow the situation can or will be change than what DPP Rides this gorvement..dzukani amalawi indeed ndikale tinayamba kugona


  8. That’s the job of opposition parties and its the fact that the citizen’s are dying with hunger, no drugs and poor economy. … and its in a country surrounded by better and improved countries. ife Noma Kathy zikutivutira pati? or untill when? I can see most of those who are behind DPP are just also those dead brains pple who doesn’t know anything about reform to transform. … MAlawi, woke up! Maliki onse amene tidayandikana nawo zinthu zili bwino and check on their leadership’s. Now I believe kuti a Malawi if tidzafa ndi umphawi coz we want change but nobody want to change and nobody want to lead the change.

  9. Plz god forgive Larzarous for, what he did instead of preaching the words of God he is disturbing people in this sweet country

  10. Kudakakhala kt leader of opposition ali ndimphatso yautsogoleri sadakangotsutsa china chilichonse,adakanena zimene tsogoleri wanena zabwinozo,ndikunenanso zoipazo kt zikonzedwe osangoti palibe chimene wanena bodza lenileni kutsutsa kongo tsutsa chilichonse what kind of opposition we have,shame my mother malawi kkkkkkkkkk

  11. A peter maida ife si a dpp,inuyo ngati muli ochenjera muwerengenso ndemanga zathu muunike bwinobwino kt tikubakira dpp kpna tikunena zimene ziri pa ground,bale let me xool u,the problem we facing here,its worldwide the one who can change this,is the owner of unirvese the almighty not anyone else,when u are comenting don’t go against someone’s coment,put your coment (ngati mumazitsata ndale muona bwinobwino kt chakwera ndiwadyera ndiutsogoleri basi,olo kudakakhala kt akulamulira ndiyeyo mavuto awa bwenzi tilinawo,musaganize kt abomawo malangizo aotsutsawo sakuwagwiritsa ntchito akuyesetsa zikukanika,ndikupatseni chitsazo kt aboma amamva zina zimene otsutsa anena uladi mussa anane zazakudya zolowa kt pasamakhale nsonkho boma linatsatiradi pompopompo,munthu olo utakhala ndimakani antundu wanji pamanso umaoneka kt wakula mtima kma kumbali umakapanga amakulangiza anzako zija,ndiye osamathangira kunena mmalawi nzako mbuzi sibwino mbuzi siingalembe coment apa wamwamba akukhulukire kumakhala ndichikondi monga tonse amalawi.

  12. Mbuzi za dpp zikutsutsa poti ambiri ndi mbava alibe chisoni ndi ndi dziko lathu lino all they care is how ,when they’re going to steal more, opposition parties told bwampini good ways to deal with this current situations but he’s just a stubborn foolish old timer

  13. Chakwera dont decieve urself, even if u were given opportunity u can not even try a bit, the problem u olwez pin point z nt APM its globally unless u tell mi u r a god, a chitsonga ali phee pano kuusumana inu mungokhalila kuti kodi APM anena chani choti nditsutse, wake up mr chakwera b4 u die like chakufwa chihana wth his wishes JESUS is beckoning u!!

  14. I listened to an American today speaking in parliament in the name of leader of oppsition. Is he a malawian. If we doubted Kamuzu because he spoke english all the time but well spelt in malawian tongue. Remeber kamuzu stayed abroad for more than forty years. How long did this Malawian American stayed in America. It is an act of bostful and pride that makes this man emmulate American tongue. These are not Jesus’ models but satans. No wonder. Za Padziko.

    1. My friend, Chakwera is from Lilongwe. When he is speaking English he speaks real English. When he talking in Chichewa, he speaks real Chichewa from Lilongwe. Compare that with APM nde undiyankhe. Let’s discuss what APM said and what Chakwera said and not whether he is really from Malawi or not.

  15. Ngati amalawi anasintha ndale from one party system to multiparty ndiye ukanene kuti dzuka malawi what do you mean exactly? wapa kaliyala saimba belu yembekezani nthawi yanu

  16. Guyz magulu awa angatisaukitse let’s work hard n business kma misonkho chonde yakwera kwambiri apo biii tiyamba kukwapulanapo kwainu amakutumani kuzadura matikiti plz akuphesani zooms laputopu ndaoda 80000 muzindiuza pa boarder ndi 50000 foolfish

  17. osamatinyasa andale inu mukudya zakudya zapamwamba, magalimoto ndinymba zapamwamba mukumangazo mukanakhala ofuna kuthandiza mukanamathandiza nthaw ino osat kudikira 2019 muzatinyase mtima Tshirt tachina tija

  18. Am not a fun of politics, but I follow parliament deliberations closely. The response of Chakwera to the SONA is very deep and I wish govt took it as a positive criticism from which it could act promptly to solve our challenges.
    Those of you busy criticising Chakwera for joining politics, you are unwise. Know that it pleases God when his children are leading nations. I think you need to be schooled as to who should be a leader between a man of God and those you think deserves. Malawi will only be transformed if TRUE men of God lyk Chakwera gets into govt.

  19. what was Chakwera,s mission in asking Malawians to wake up,instead of himself waking up! and realise that he is in a good boat but with bud intentions wake up chakwera! wake up now before it is too late!

  20. Ppl cant understand that there will never be a government that will handle the crisis bak to normal,look around the world everywhere ppl are crying for one thing or the other,but the pple dnt even know that there is only one government from above that will reign good and make tings much betta and im tokin ov almighty GOD government

  21. The twin frontal hypothalamus lobes of the “Prof” which are tasked to solve complex 3 or more tier problems appear to have shrunk irreversibly. This is a natural phenomenon. For him to mumble out a speech of that dexterity, is a feat on its own. What he’s delivering to Malawians is more than what we can bargain for. I am personality satisfied. I don’t feel shortchanged.

  22. Osati iweyo chimwene mutu you wouma man?when the ship is sinking the clue don’t have to blame the weather.provide a solution even in bad conditions because everyone is relying on you.The whole government cannot say we have failed to help the people because this was caused by bad weather.what is the government and what is good governance?watch your proboscis my friend and bring coherent arguments.

  23. Achekwela chonde nthawi ino sinthawi yolira ayi,people want action . Muyambe panopa kuthesa mavuto a njala mudakali ku opposition komweko kuti anthu asimikize kuti inu ndi amuna enieni,2019 boma.

  24. I feel sorry for Malawi. Some commenting here are well educated. They can’t love there country. Even some see it they put their face away from the true. Some will be politicians in future I don’t know what kind politicians will be, if they don’t see it now. I’m lucky I’m old I will not see the consequences although I face the consequences of our old morally bankruptcy politicians, encouraged nepotisms,corruption,establishment,regionalism,demalogue politicians,

  25. Welenhani uthenga wad Danieli.Womwe ukunena za chitsulo ndi dongo.Zomwe zikutipatsa maganizo akuti mtendele udzabwela ndi mwini wake wa kudengayu.Koma anthu adziko lapasi sangakwanitse kudzetsaso mtendele ndiye inu mukufuna kuti ife titani.

  26. We are not serious cos if one like Chakwera would not fear to decieve the LORD GOD (his creator) what would make him not to do the worst to a fellow human?!. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL cos the HOLY BIBLE has warned the Nations of the World thousands of years of such human like people.

  27. Zinthu sizingasithe mmalawi muno. Aboma a opposition tonse tikadzasiya za ndale mkulimbikira ulimi ndipamene titadzatukuke osati tizingogona kumadikira 2019 kapena 2024 sizitithandiza

  28. Chakwera ndiye no 1 opanda fundo,zimene akunenazo akauze ana ake kunyumba,adakakhala kuti iyeyo ali ndichikondi ndimalawi sadakalandira galimoto lodura,adakaonetsa chitsazo kt adziyendera yakale mpaka chuma chidzayenda bwino koma anangoti zii,nkhani yokwezeredwa malipiro sanayankhule kanthu poti zikulowa thumba mwawo,kuomjezera ma allowance sanayankhule ndiye adzitipusitsa mavuto ali malawi muno gwero lake akulidziwa,ndimulungu yekha ali ndithandizo lopezekeratu,osati wandale atipusitse,iwe ukufuna ku state unganene zabwino zaamene ali ku stateko,palibe chimthu chimodzi munayamikira anzanuwa,mudakakhala ndimphatso yautsogoleri bwenzi mukumanenanso zoyamikira anzanuwa koma zoipa zokhazokha monga palibe chimene akupanga chabwino choti mkuyamikira.

  29. Kodi sizimatheka kusintha leader of Opposition?? Atleast someone who can say alittle sense… do u tell munthu wanjala kuti wakeup yet u r there for them…..!!! The prblm in Mw is how we share the scarce resource….there iz a big gap btn the rich and the poor!!!

  30. A Chakwera asoneke ngati dolo, iwo amaganiza mobwerera. Aiwale zodzatenga dziko. Kodi a Malawi tinakhala bbwanji? Always kuombera mmanja chinyau chisanayambe kuvina. Chakwera ndi mipingo ingati wagwirako ntchito ngati m’busa? Lero ali pa ndale. Kodi munthu otere ndithu anthu nkuumutenga serious? Amalawi changamukani. MCP imaenera kupeza mtsogoleri wokhwima mmutu kuti atenge dziko, otherwise alomwewa simuatha. Politics is a game of numbers not popularity n a Chakwera adapandukira ntchito ya Mulungu pofuna ufumu wa pansi pano. Mtheradi sadzatenga dziko.

    1. Indeed he lost direction, angokumbukila komwe adagwera abwerere msanga Mulungu ali okozeka kuwalandilaso kusiyana ndikumatukwanidwaku

  31. chakwera has made it clear malawians are too much slumber they dnt exercise their freedom they are full of fears than other African countries

  32. you really mean that were sliping kupanda chikondi kwainu akhala pampando ndizomwe zikupangisa kuti muziyankhula zopanda pake ngati zimenezo kuwatenga anthu kukhala makasu basi muyambe ndiinu example from the top

  33. chakweranso ndi mbudzi iyi-hanger in Malawi its nt coz of the DPP govt-it has been an issue in most African countries coz of bad weather we experienced as a continent-even in Mozambique-SOUTH africa and other countries kulibe chokudya chokwanira too-ndye iwe ukuti chani? zinazo i can agree bt on shortage of food in malawi dnt point finger at someone try to talk with a mind of sense dnt jst bring useless arguments-dnt jst be against everything-wamva lazarous?

    1. the guy is just very right here, blame Mutharika on politics yes,on economy yes, but think twice on food shortage before u blame and point a finger on him,am here in Durban I do read papers n follow SAs politics as well food n other things prices are up,things are costly now the only diffrence is the way of getting cash here is better than home thats all so stop fussing n fighting. be honest youself guys on blaiming someones mistake,why dont you sometimes think about Elnino that broight the dry spel to most parts of Africa? why dont u rethink about mai Joyce Banda who is in exil the root of all this economic mess? I dont understand u my fellow malawians this is not about politics,lets be neutral lets take the realitys on the ground.

    2. Mukati dont point DPP what do you mean? Kodi inu ngati mutu wa banja, mnyumba mwanu chakudya chatha, kodi mkazi ndi ana ayang’ana ndani? Vuto la food shortage amaiona koma kunyalanyaza ndi kuzikonda kwa atsogoleri athu ndiye kwakula. Yes we must point Peter n his gvt for failing to find better ways of fightng with hunger.

    3. palibe yemwe ananyalanyaza nkhani ya chakudya-the issue is bcox of elnino as my btother has already said here then most african countries zabvuta kuti apeze chokudya chokwanira and as u cn see this is something that has happened naturally and kukhala kupanda nzeru to say this has happened bcoz of peter-and the govt now iz aware of this so its high tym that during 2016/2017 fiscal year the govt must put concrete solutions to acquire more food from other sources enough to cater for the malawi population-thats my stand and am nt in favout of any party rather am saying this coz am the son of malawi

    4. in my on opinion i think Chakwera wanted to see Peter atapita kumunda kukamulimira kuti iyeyo azingodya! wake up you Chakwera kuti enver since i was born i never so Kamuzi,Bakiri,Bingu or Joyce stoping pipo kuti asalime,but its because of pipo like Chakwera who is bzy planting these Negative thots to the pipo,not to participate in the development of the country.

    5. being Dr koma kukanika kuganiza mwanzeru aaaaaa. chakwera we need solutions not blaming game, wake up tinayambira kalekale izi we need people who can provide solutions to our situation osati coz of uyu that’s y we are in this aaaa

    6. These problems have come to be because the Malawian (and others) government has failed to handle deforestation. They have all failed

    7. Dont focus on weather issue only men!! Hunger is coming i mw bcoz of 1.crimate change 2.DPP siinatiganizile interms of fertilizer price. 3.DPP is doing nothing to deal with hunger eg siikugawa zipangizo zaulimi othilira. Finger point must be done!! Muthalika must be blamed thus all.

    8. Climate change ya chani? Tizingodalila mvula basi? Mazi angopita ku Zambezi tiki mango way an go an a daily from karonga to nsanje. Chimanga kaya mbatata zimalimidwa mopanda mvula mpakana kukolola. Mphepete mwa mitsinje yathu mwazaza ma national park zachani zimenezo?mmalo moti ayikemo minda ndi madimba tizilima mbatata ndi chimanga all year round! Ku Durban mukukunenakotu munthu wakuda anamulanda khasu amalima ndi mzungu for business ndiye chakudya sichizasowanso. Malo ambili kuno angokhala opanda chochitika. Zi anthu zili ndi ma degree koma ntchito kuitanisa ma pictures a mabele basi mbuzi! Tikulozani mufe ndi ma degree opanda ntchitowo. Asaa kundinyasa ine

    9. The opposition will have a field day, since they don’t read what is going on around the world. The weather is to last 3 years. So far we have gone through 2 years. We have 16-2017, then there after we shall have good rains.

    10. Kodi akati opposition basi muzingotsutsa chilichonse? Inu mwapangapo chan pofuna kuthetsa njala…basi ma weakness aanzanu mupangile campaign? Mmmmm mwakangazatu apa……ndimaganiza kuti mukanayamba kuchitapo kanthu pamavuto amene tikukumana nao ngat dziko then nkumaima bwino pa chulu.kuti ikadzafika nthawiyo anthu adzakuvotereni ngat kuli kotero….obaba think deep

    11. If it is because of bad weather what is the DPP government doing since we have weather focusters, they predict about weather before it happens. Chakwera is right, we need a wakeup government to protect its people not milomo mbo nge vitumbuwa.

    12. Chakwera is speaking for Malawians not other countries as some of you you have commented on the issue. Osati kuti ku Tanzania akugona ndinjala chifukwa cha Elnino ndiye ifeso tizigona ndinjara ndi Elninoyo ndizosamveka, kumeneko ndukusaganiza. Elnino anayidziwa, odziwa za nyengo anawauza, koma iwowo basi busy politiking, its rubbish!!!!!

  34. This is hard time for many malawians we will never get any benefit from these crook called politicians.there are full of noise,with there empty promises.

  35. Since multiparty rule I didn’t hear opposition leaders acknowledge president’s state of national adress therefore I don’t trust them as well.

  36. Piningupiningu m’ngwa chambo mwini wake doko mfwiriri. Tabadzivutani ndi mtima. Pempho kwa inu a Pastor Lazarus Yudas Scuriot Chakwera tadzukani ndinu. Anthutu sakudya ndale.

  37. More fire Chakwera ,anabera koma zikuwakanikanso kukhala Mmalawi panopa ndikulimba mtima. Government without direction kuti tikupita kuti?

  38. Ku MCP ko ngati kuli munthu wanzeru woti angathe kulamulira dzilo lino ndiye ndi mr Felix jumbe asati achakwerawa iyayi mayankhulidwe awo amawoneseratu kuti sangakhale msogoleri olo mavoti sangawine munthu wopasula uyu .Boma likuyenda bwino Ili angamauze amalawi kuti tiziukila osamumvera ameneyu zake izo aziona wakula watha.

  39. ngati ulamulilo uli uwuwu ayi tinazolowela mavuto ….but you pipo shud know kuti mulungu akasangalasidwa ndi ulamulilo zinthu zimaenda bwino…. koma ngat sitisintha zinthu mpakakale sitizatukuka…chakwela akuyenela kuthandizana ndi pita maganizo….naye pitala alamule ngati bingu zinthu zizaenda apobiii zero zero zero zero+zero=zero for eva!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Achasika FORMER MAN OF GOD you will never rule this country whether u like it or not what am telling u it’s true. Vuto lanu palibe chabwino chimene mumayamikira kwanu ndi kunyoza apeter ndi boma lawo. U think being on opposition u can not appreciate any good things this government is doing what u know is oppose.Ndale zachikale zimenezo u can not rule through back door wauponda zakuvuta basi.professor APM more fire!!!

  41. Chakwera chaponda fruitless names mwayamba kugona ndinu bwana we jst follow your footsteps,do you even know the meaning of being an oppostion leader,atleast kabwira is are jst nothing but a useless oppostion leader dont provoke malawians.

  42. Ife sitimadya ndale…. timadya nsima let them do their politics mukafuna kumenyana dzimenyanani wake up wake up yachani?? sis man!!!”””

  43. Za ziii! Tiwukire ndiye Chakwera atenge boma aaaa. A Malawi ongotengeka wamba ndiye angatero. Kodi a Chakwerawo atatenga boma ndiye angatani? Zimaoeneka simple ukakhalatu kunja bwino.

  44. All we need is new blood, not the same thieves regenerating. While in UDF, they mercilessly stamped on us, now they’re in DPP taking away what they left of us. We’re facing the devil himself

  45. Chakwera should indeed himself wake-up and realise that the hardships Malawi is going through cannot be dealt with in a day and requires concerted effort.

  46. u are there u are failing now you are telling us you are failing? headless chicken you dont know why you are there for shame on you!

  47. The current president is brain less our country is facing big problems but our leader is still promising people wayiwara kuti his term is almost over

  48. All the issues that are to be done with Micro-economics and Macro-economics must be resolved right away.Finally hunger crises,farm inputs +equipments and price escalating of basic needs just to mention afew be sorted out thats the expectation for every malawian.

  49. he just say(speech)which evryone can come up with it but with this i see his speech had no meaning because we need implementation not speeches,we need solutions not by critising….my fellow malawian wake up from this wonderful speech which evryone can talk to win people,we need implentation and actions…

    1. parliamentarians are our spokespersons so refer to your post hourable Chakwera is not trying to win people but we should watch out whatever is happening in this country.for example the issue of hunger during the national address was not why since its our expectation??

    2. Who is Chakwera? The man who hates southerners .any development taking place in Southern Region You say its nepotism ….dont compare Bt with 40 year old city we have been there 125 years ago and many structures were belt in the time of welensky .My whole village will vote For DPP………

  50. warm heart ov Africa zoti tizathamange chifukwa cha muthu ife ayi sitimadya ndale mtsogoleri adzikhala omanga osati opasula

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