Rapist jailed for 14 years


A man in Machinga district was on Thursday sentenced to 14 years in prison for raping a teenager.

The Liwonde First Grade Magistrate Court heard that the rapist, Yahaya Jailosi, threatened to stab the 15 year-old girl before forcing himself on her.

CourtPolice prosecutor Richard Kandeya told the court that on 1st May the victim went to the garden to collect maize and while there she met Jailosi.

He asked the victim to help him lift a bundle of sugarcane in a nearby garden and the girl accepted.

But when they got to the garden he suddenly produced a knife and threatened to stab the teenager.

“Mr Jamu Jim who is a community policing personnel heard the shouts and tried to apprehend the convict but he failed. He however identified him and the matter was reported to our office,” Kandeya explained.

A medical report from Chikweo health centre indicated that the girl had been raped.

Kandeya prayed to the court for a stiff punishment to the convict saying that the offence was a serious one and rape cases are rampant in Machinga district.

During mitigation the convict said that it was his first time to commit an offence hence he wanted the court to be lenient.

When passing judgement First Grade Magistrate Esther Phiri slapped Jailosi with 14 year’s imprisonment with hard labour.

Jailosi comes from Nyama Village Traditional Authority Chikweo of Machinga District.



  1. ndikuti ku machinga uko kulije wasungwana wakutha msinkhu or ntchembere zakuti zikusaukila amuna? why kulimbana na twana tuli matuzi pipi!! manyazi na soni mulije eti ufwiti basi chilango chakhumbikanga 20 years, ulira ngw’eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kugwiririra ndiye kwafika pa high vuto ndichiani kumangogwirilila ana akuti kutawa matenda zoputsa zachepa zakazo ali mwana wako ungamve bwanji chidala chisigwirilila mwana wako.

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