MBC TV personality having sleepless nights

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A Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Television (MBCTV) presenter has added other works to his daily schedule, making him have more sleepless nights.

Rex Edson Chalenga who hosts Touching Base has returned to music having recently dropped a single entitled, Sleepless Nights, with a mixtape in the offing.

The hip hop track made history on 12th May for being the first local song to premier in the Western African nation of Ghana.

After the Ghanaian radio station played the song, two major local radio stations followed suit.

Rex Chalenga
Rex Chalenga in Sleepless Nights project.

Speaking to Malawi24, Rex said his latest studio work is a remake of No Sleep Gang’s song which goes by the tittle, Sleepless. No Sleep Gang is a prominent Blantyre based hip hop group with a sound reputation when it comes to making good music in the genre.

“It’s a remake of No Sleep Gang’s Sleepless and it was recorded by DJ Mass,” said Chalenga

The typical hip hop beat bears an inspirational message that has been delivered artistically giving it higher probability of standing the heat in local hip hop which is improving day by day.

The rapper’s catchy accent as he spits bars makes him a candidate for the king of Malawi hip hop, let only a few summers wither.

Currently, the song is available on SoundCloud music site but the Touching Base Presenter plans to take the song to other major music platforms.

Rex also plans to make visuals for the song including for the yet to be unveiled mixtape. He is currently working on the mixtape project, giving himself ample time to correct every single mistake as a means of ensuring quality products.

Music does not seem to interfere with his profession as he continues to satisfy Touching Base lovers. The act of balancing up things calls for his sleepless nights on the other hand, which happens to be his current situation. The media personality is in love with the old school hip hop touch which he exposes in Sleepless Nights.



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