Kaliati dresses Chakwera down!

Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwera gets drilled.

The Malawi Government has hit back at leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera after he trashed President Peter Mutharika’s state of the nation address (SONA).

After Mutharika delivered the SONA in Parliament on Friday, Chakwera said the speech was uninspiring.

But government’s spokesperson Patricia Kaliati said Chakwera just has the habit of attacking the President.

“He is fond of criticising the president and this indicates that he is not intelligent as he does not know what he is saying,” said Kaliati who is Minister of Information, Communications Technology and Civic Education.

Patricia Kaliati

Kaliati: Goes furious on Chakwera.

In his remarks, Chakwera also argued that the speech lacked solutions to the problems facing the country, saying the situation leaves questions on how the outlined problems will be solved.

“All I see is the description of ailments of this country but there is a little prescription,” said Chakwera.

On this, Kaliati said that the speech made by the Malawi leader has solutions in it and Chakwera was in Parliament but he does not know what the president was saying.

Kaliati further said that Chakwera joined politics but he is not a politician.



  1. A Kaliati,ndale munayamba liti inu?Muthokoze kwambiri Dr Bakili Muluzi thru Brown Mpinganjira kukulowetsani mu cabinet yoyamba kuti muyambe kuphunzira ndale.Timakuonanitu ku Sanjika kuja mukususukira masoseji.

  2. If there are people Malawians ought to be worried about are the Opposition politicians. These people, for as long as I can sanely recall, have never been constructive but the opposite.Why should they even get our hard-earned mullah for their destructive agenda. All they ever think about is turning the citizens against the ruling government so they can sneak their way in by their crooked means. With this stupid mindset of everyone thinking about themselves at the expense of the innocent citizens, we cant progress as a nation.

  3. Someone suggested that Kaliati needs IQ test. I take that .Look -! she thinks being a minister she has outclassed everybody in malawi.She is totally wrong.A ministrial post is ceremonial ,anyone can be a minister if he/she so wishes.Even the President Post is ceremonial in malawi.Thus why even Muluzi with unknown education background was a President.So Kaliati you are not special.You didnt go to university to study politics.You say Chakwera is not a politician.What do you mean .? You are not a politician either.You are a Fortune Seeker bcz you are coming from a poor background.You regard elected political office as a Career.Thus why you have changed parties ,that speaks volumes , you are not a politician..and that shows you are not concerned with Voters Welfare.
    As for Chakwera,first you are No match with Chakwera academically.2nd Chakwera has not joined politics,that is a saying of someone whose IQ is below average.Chakwera has joined Malawians who are suffering from Poverty that Dpp created.Chakwera has joined malawians whose Tax money is stolen by Dpp. Malawians want Chakwera to lead them fight corrupt Dpp Govt.Where is 577bn, where is 300m frm Ethiopia office ? Where are the Tractors ? Where is MSB and Toxin Loans.Where is 15bn at Agriculture ? Where are Njauju ,Chasowa murderers ? These and many more are concerns that Malawians need Chakwera to lead them them in the fight.Kaliati if you have answers to these Concerns give malawians,rather than making Stupid noise. We have a Govt which is taking us nowhere .A Govt which is giving us more miseries.Think of electricty and water tarrifs ,oooo they are taking my skin away.What abt air time credit? Kaliati tackle these,if you have the welfare of Voters.

  4. Even the British high commissioner has commended the sona, Chakwera is still thinking about 2014 elections instead of assisting the Govt on good plans to run the country UKHALIRA OPPOSING BASI

  5. Kaliati can not be everybody’s cup of tea..Tell ur chakwara that his criticism will bring him no where.. Bonanso a #Tembo omweaja2.. He knew where to criticise.. Dis is Empty criticism!!!!

  6. Chakwera! Don’t 4get dat a train looks simple 2 drive it when someone 1 is driving its same lyk game of football wen u r watching da game 4rm da stands its simple 2 criticise a player bt once u r given a chance 2 play u become a fool so b mo careful of watever u speak.Watch a game of football u wil become wise.

  7. #Phillip Khoromanah mwina awa a Lusungu Chinula amazitsa but he should mind his language. This is internet and he can be traced and brought to books for his bad mouth. Be sensible Mr Lusungu not all are stupid as you think.

  8. Iyaaaaaah since 1969 kaliat mndale kodi kulibe anthu ena olowapo guys maudindowa nkofunika nkusiyirana chifukwa munthu ukamakalamba nzerunso zimachepa bwanji ziko lathuli kukonda zianthu zokalamba

  9. Lazalo doesn’t know the meaning of being in opposition. He thinks kutsutsa ndikunyoza every govt effort to develop a country. John Tembo has been a leader of opposition koma izinso ndi matenda. Shame on MCP. Lazalo should accept kuti APM is the president. Stop dreaming. KWAAAAACHA?? Kwayera. UFULUUUU. Mtendereeeeeee

  10. I wonder why malawi my country thinlks we have a government specially those who comes from north,the last time I heard kids were expelled from central and southern sec schools just for coming from northern region, teachers were sent home too! I mean back north. Let’s pliz change this attitude and type of politics let’s introduced provincial government if the party wins in a certain region let them be in charge and run the region than run with losing hateful strangers or lets just split everyone hates northernies anyway

  11. No wonder ku malawi kuno a opposition(especialy a kongoresi ndi chatsika wanuyo) mumatsutsa zili zonse even zopindulira tinthumbidwa tanu mmakwawomo koma boma likamakupatsani ndalama zambiri pa mwezi mumangokhala ndwiii ngati akumwetsani matsukwa odzadza ndowa, u wil be leader of opposition till the end of ur everything, Go mai Kaliati Go mumakwana zamubowayo adzilume kunsana mxiew

  12. Kaliat ngati anthu amakutama ndikkutukwana mudzafika polekela ngati simunanye mwano dikira kaye la40 lidzakwana zosiilanatu izi ndiye mudzachita manyazi muli kunja mwano wanuwo mudzikatukwana amuna kapena abale anu tikuziwa kuti muchita izi popeza nonse amolakho waalomwe tiyeni zipangani koma koma koma sindikumaliza ndidzamaliza tsiku lakelo pakamwa pamene mukutukkwanirapo patabanika

  13. atidwenawo does not want to critise what is wrong all time yes bwana.chakwela is mature enough in politics regardles of his period being invoived in politics.malawians are suffering coz of people like u kaliati.

  14. Kaliyati munthu owononga asawone ngati wapambana chifukwa cha ulomwe . Zopusa sitifuna bwana wa Malawi ndi chakwera . Paja abakha a DPP nu munachita kuba mavoti mwiniwa mpando tikudziwa ife chakwera .

  15. this is multiparty system …. we HV rights and freedom … Kaliat should knw this, being a minister isn’t a general rule that u knw politics big No, Chakwera z doin his job so talkin dis dis, it’s just away to confuse pple,

  16. Chakwera is a disgrace 2 our Nation,up 2 now he,s failing 2 accept dat Peter Mutharika is a president of Malawi so he always jelousy of Mutharika & watever da president say is nothing 2 him

  17. Chakwera is a disgrace 2 our Nation,up 2 now he,s failing 2 accept dat Peter Mutharika is a president of Malawi so he always jelousy of Mutharika & watever da president say is nothing 2 him

    • Chakwera is a Genius,Malawis Hope.Peter has failed,that s a Fact.Tell us Peter hasnt said any thing about 577bn,300m at Ethiopia office.,15bn at Agriculture ,This is our Tax money.Tell us what you are going to do to recover our money.Stupid.

    • Idon’t care whether Dpp government stole 577 bilion as u said coz i’ve no evidence on dat in addition 2 dat o Black pple r thieves even if we put u on power u wil do da same,wat i disagree wth Chakwera is dat he said Mutharika,s National adress speach is empty,dat is a complete jealous,coz if u realy went 2 xool u read it carefully dey r some gud points Mutharika said in his SONA of which if his administration take it seriously Malawi can achieve,its gud 2 criticise a President when he,s wrong bt not in everything including positive ponts.

    • you speak as hooligans. and inotice there are educated saveges who do not digest what they say. do you really think MCP will be back in government? the biggest problem is hatred and jealous. Chakwera has never said good of Peter so you expect Kaliyati to give an applause to Chakwera. And if you say who voted for Peter, then i ask WHO MADE HIM PRESIDENT? wait for your turn. remember to remember that DEMOCRACY ITS THE OPPRESSION OF THE MINORITY in its sister defination.

  18. Kaliyati azilankhura zoveka zophindilira mtundu wamalawi osati zaku ndata kwake ife anthu mzipatala ayamba kulipira kodi iwe ufuna kuwauza kuti ku Malawi mmene umphawi uliri ndiangati angakwanitse kulipira ukulankhura wakhuta mbatata zootcha eti

  19. Am so disappointed. I thought Kaliati will be isolating from the SONA the prescriptions outlined in it to the specific ailments that Chakwela is referring to. I feel her response is just registering her role as the spokes person and not bringing forward answers that we can take and agree with her that Chakwela didn’t get it right. Akweni, we just need specific responses to actual issues affecting the nation and not to educate us of the history of whoever is in politics or whoever is a politician and who is not. We do not eat politics, we do not get treated when ill by politics, we do not sleep under politics when it is raining, we do not pay school fees with politics, we do not travel on politics and we are not employed by politics madam. Give answers PLEASE!

  20. kodi a kaliati ndale aziziwa liti?? kulalata ndikubela ma vote is nat bein’ smart alibe mzelu…….umbuli umaonekera pomwe when u knw kt zinthu sizili bwino en sit dwn pretending as if evrythn’ is ok en claimin’ kt u kn better…….that logical insanity…..malawian politics to hell….shupiti ukooooo!!! chakwera ndi brains!!!!

  21. Nenani mfundo osati Kaliyati sadaphunzirezo ayi. Mumafuna akhale chete pamene wina akunyoza ndi kunena zomwe zikhonza kugwetsa boma lomwe iye ndi mneneri wake. Go! Kaliyati go!

  22. Kaliati is an empty bucket evrytime she makes nosense noise she must know that politics is a game of chance she never know what will happen tomorrow so she must be careful

  23. Mzimai uyu alibe khalidwe, akunyoza Chakwera chifukwa waloza zolakwika mu speech ya a President, shame on her, kuzolowera Handclapping on everything. Choti adziwe nchoti wangokhala Minister koma alibe nzeru becoz there is no democracy without opposition. Adziwenso zoti kuno nkunja kumasintha Mulungu akafuna, yemwe akumunyoza leroyu tsiku lina adzakhala bwana wake.

  24. hehe!i hv seen dat Chakwera loves hz job being in opposition,evrytym opposing eeish this m’busa,nde sunati amenei ndi kweni alibe nazo za msugwana wadzola mafuta,nkamwin wabwera ndi ufa,,, japie mhango amakuleleran pachinena.

  25. Iam a political spectator. I heard from Hon Kaliati that we need to respect each other and use of deragatory remarks to each on FB is not welcomed.But what iam seeing from her is the same what others are doing on FB.If you keep on dressing down other peoples party leaders,then what do you expect from them??Definetly its retaliation…We are Malawians and Children of God. You don’t need an expert outside this country to tell you how people are suffering in this country.Even a primary student is aware about the poverty in this country.Politics is dynamic and you dont know what will happen tomorrow.Let’s fear God and respect each other because one day we shall face judgment..Tell me are you going to stand on that day??????

  26. kkkkk awa ndie a minister of information sizina zijà zimangoloĺeŕá mbuzi za opposition kumatukwaña mtsogoleri osayankhidwa big up kaliati adzaďzolowera kumationetsa mano ake akuluàķulu aja

  27. i gree with the bove comments ist not one party rule but with multiparty rule that is nessary without opposition voice it will be nothing nothing good forleadership

  28. Akapolo tinyozelananji?mungotaya nthawi nkutukwanizana eni akeo akudziwana amamwela chikho chimodzi akakumana mungozivuta

  29. Galu wamunthu mchifukwa amakura ndowa munthu amaoneka choncho or kuti ma ARV kuti amasintha maonekedwe koma uyu adanya ndowa sure kkkkk

  30. Is patricia kaliati a politician herself, a primary school teacher who joined politics with a JC certificate. Can she even understand this budget thing herself. Chakwera is true the president’s speech on budget lacked depth and solutions to the problems malawians are facing.

    • That was,her entry point, today, she holds a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from unima’s Chancellor College

    • She can hav all those qualifications but she doesnt match with someone who is called a Doctor. There is huge difference btwin someone who has a doctor status and someone who just holds a degree. Anthu amenewa ayenera kusiyana maganizidwe komanso kamvensedwe ka zinthu. Just like wa jc ndi wa msce amasiyananso muzochitika zao.

  31. Chakwera President 2019 wooooyeee anthu adatopanani mkutukwana kwanu mutukwana angati akaliyati ungotukwana mamuna wako mphunzitsi Biwi primary tsutsa ngati ndunama

  32. Za ntchito basi, mwano ku mwano ulemu ku ulemu,, onyoza boma nayeso anyozedwe otukwana president nayeso atukwanidwe,,

  33. Kaliati learn to respect other politicians,where you dont agree with Chakwera,you would have said in a right way,dont behave like that.

  34. Kaliat!!how dare are you?Chakwera is going to be your next President whether you like it or not.Who do you think is going to vote for your Devilish Progressive Party(DPP).

  35. Mmmm kweni uti chain APA? Isaa, akuwuza zoona , iwe sukawona abwana ako akagonanga aja? Sikuboweka kumene kuja? Paja nawe kulakata nde umatha, nawenso suziwa chilichonse

  36. Gone are the days of politics of hate and bickering.Kaliati should know that being in a ruling party does not warrant anyone to speak disrespectfully of others. Politics is like a two lane road which you move on a particular lane according to your destination and vice versa. Matters of national interest are every citizen’s business. To contribute, rebuke, oppose and correct where necessary. If we have people like Hon. Dr. Chakwera who are pointing out the wrongs, we should embrace their intelligence and knowledge for that will benefit a common and poor Malawian. Let her learn that things change and for sure will, and the likes of Dr. Chakwera could one day lead. Let us, Malawians learn to respect each other regardless of political differences.

  37. ukapanda chala usamadana nkuloza chifukwa udzakhudwa nazo kulaka laka utangodzipha,tamusiyeni akweni atokote pantchito yake.mudana ndichilungamo ndipo kwchuluka ndikudzikonda amalawi.

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