Scarcity of skin lotion in hospitals worry albinos

Albinos Malawi

People with albinism in the country have cried foul over the unavailability of sunscreen lotion in the country’s district hospitals.

Raising the complaint was one of the persons with albinism Stuart Zgobvu who lives in Machinga district.

Zgobvu was speaking during a district executive committee (Dec) meeting which was organised by Federation of disability organisations Malawi (Fedoma).

Raise outcry. (Google images)

He said most of the country’s district hospitals have stopped buying the lotion from the Central Medical Stores, a development that has left them at the risk of skin cancer.

Joining Zgobvu was Maria Bengo, 21, of Manyowe in the commercial city of Blantyre who spoke with Malawi24.

Bengo said the government should now consider their concerns saying they are suffering a lot without the lotion.

“Yah its true there is shortage of the lotion in most hospitals in the country. I have been visiting several public hospital here in Blantyre but I could not find the lotion. I usually buy the lotion in private hospitals,” complained Bengo.

She added that she will be grateful if the government through the ministry of health sorts the problem out and starts buying the lotion for them at the Central Medical Stores.

Sunscreen lotion helps protect people with albinism from direct contact with the sun and if unavailable, albinos can suffer from skin cancer.



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