Young people urged to fight corruption

Albinos Malawi

Youth Ambassadors for My African Union campaign in the country says youth participation is key in the fight against corruption.

One of the Ambassadors Thokozire Mosonzo made the observation in Lilongwe during a meeting on the consequences of corruption on the youths.

BribeIn her remarks, Mosonzo said the fight against corruption cannot be effective if young people are being put aside considering that they are future leaders.

She explained that the organisation aims to engage youths in the reduction of corruption in the country.

“The purpose of the campaign is to call youths in the country to take part in fighting corruption, and also to eradicate hunger,” she said.

According to her, the campaign is important in the way that it empowers young people to express out issues that are related to corruption.

Mosonzo also hopes the campaign will help the Malawian youth to speak out and know that not only older people can tackle such issues.

The youth ambassador for my African campaign said the organisation is also encouraging youths to engage in entrepreneurship activities to help them boost their livelihood.

My African Union campaign was established to ensure that African governments implement the commitments they make and to mobilize Africans to hold their governments accountable.



  1. That’s one of the many jokes we are good @. Malawi & Africa so illiterate, lazy & poor to fight corruption coz of Government’s policies that are tough & provide a fertile ground for corruption.

  2. corruption is done by those in big positions while youth does development.I dont know how the youth can manage those in big positions.Most people use their positions to corrupt the youth and the under previlaged. First of all exalt the youth then empower them to curb corruption.

  3. I dont think youth can help to end up corruption but only God’s kingdom will make it

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