NGO to continue making LL waste free

Albinos Malawi

Our World International (OWI), a non-governmental organisation in Lilongwe, has promised to continue working with Lilongwe City Council in making the capital city free from waste.

According to Executive Director of the organisation Stephen Chiunjira, since 2013 the organisation has been conducting waste management activities mainly in south western townships of Lilongwe City where the NGO largely focus on removing mental wastes like negative perceptions of people towards wastes and waste management.

“People don’t know that wastes are useful if they can be let to decompose and form manure. They can also give people money after selling excess manure that can help them to earn money to sustain their lives.

Lilongwe City.
Lilongwe City.

“I can confidently tell you that a great shift has taken place and people are becoming aware of the dangers of mismanaging wastes and benefits of managed wastes. Doubly so, the importance of getting rid of mental wastes,” said Chiunjira.

Chiunjira added that with support and wisdom which come directly or indirectly they are making Lilongwe, and will make Malawi, Africa and the rest of the world a better place to live for all biodiversity.

Our World International conducts clean-up activities in school campuses, hospitals as well as markets.

In February this year, the organisation carried out sweeping exercises at Area 23 market where the guest of honour was Lilongwe City Mayor Mr Willie Chapondera.

The organisation work hand in hand with public secondary and primary schools by forming waste management clubs.

So far, the organisation has 22 school clubs largely across the south western townships of Lilongwe. Among the school clubs are Kawale Primary School, Chilinde Secondary School, Mlodza Secondary School and Tsabango Primary School.



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