MBS moves to curb corruption among its staff

Albinos Malawi

Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) says it has put in measures to make sure that corruption is reduced among its employees.

The bureau hopes to end the vice through punishments for those found on the wrong side of the law.

Davlin Chokazinga
We want to set a good example :Chokazinga

Director General for MBS Devlin Chokazinga said the number of corruption cases among employees has reduced as their inspectors are now able to relate to what happened to their friends who were caught in the crime.

“We all know that at every organisation there are some people who may be corrupt but as MBS we send inspectors to inspect who bring a report,” said Chokazinga.

He added that when the inspectors bring reports they also send an executive audit to verify the findings.

According to Chokazinga, if a report from a junior inspector is different from the auditors the inspector is questioned on his professionalism.

He also said that those who fail to explain themselves on the reports are warned and if they continue doing the same thing they are suspended.



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