The rich should pay more taxes – Experts


National Tax Justice Platform (NTJP) has asked government to introduce policies that will ensure that the rich pays more taxes.

One of the members of NTJP Dalitso Kubalasa said there is need for big companies and those who are well to do to pay more tax than those who are poor.

Dalitso Kubalasa

Gap between the rich and the poor is too big ;Kubalasa

“There is need for big companies and rich people to be paying more tax than those who earn less,” said Kubalasa who is also Executive Director for Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN).

He added that big companies are making profits but not paying tax hence the need to follow up what is happening in order to retrieve the taxes.

Kubalasa further said that their network will come up with a tax justice campaign to create awareness for people to be able to follow up what is happening.

According to him, the awareness campaign will build levels of responsibility in tax paying among Malawians as it needs collective efforts.



  1. NTJP mwaoneselatu kuti simukuwakonda amalawi m’malo mochepesa misonkho yomwe amapeleka anthu a ma business kuti malova umoyo wawo usinthe nawo asangalaleko

  2. Its a good idea because we all go same shops like ptc for example, but my question is hou are going to identify that this one is rich or poor?

  3. I doubt. Ngati Muli akudya 4billion pomwe osauka akulephera kupita ku university kamba kosowa fees. Dziko panopa lili mmanja mwa ana eni-eni a atumiki a satana

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