Malawi24 campaigns against albino attacks

Albinos Malawi

One of the country’s leading online publications Malawi24 is holding a week long campaign to sensitize Malawians on the need to curb attacks against people with albinism in the country.

The development follows upswing of attacks targeting people with albinism despite authorities speaking tough against the barbaric acts.

Malawi24‘s Managing editor Joseph Dumbula said all Malawians need to take an action to ensure people with albinism are protected from people behind the killings.

Albinos Malawi
Malawi24 will run a campaign for a week urging Malawians to stop and report the abduction, killing and exhumation of remains of persons with albinism.

“Actually the campaign is about Malawi24 having feature images on the website sending a whole lot messages against the miscellaneous attacks on people with albinism.

“Having carried out reports on the attacks, we saw it relevant as a media house to also join the campaign against the barbaric acts.”

“The campaign is week long and we hope that through it we will set a precedent as one of the trends media house to have sent a strong message in condemning the attacks. We also ask members of the public to STOP, REPORT and REBUKE JOKES ON THE MURDER OF PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM,” said Dumbula.

Dumbula further urged Malawians to stop using derogatory terms against people albinos in the country.

“Some people are complicit in making jokes of people with albinism. These people wrongly think their tasteless jokes are harmless,” he added.

So far, Malawi has recorded 14 cases of kidnappings, 28 cases of exhuming graves believed to be of people with albinism, 6 cases of killings, 3 cases of missing people, and 12 cases of people found in possession of human bones.

Malawi leader Peter Mutharika has since made fresh calls to stop the barbaric practice while urging Church leaders to consider taking an action against the killings.



  1. My brothers and sisters, these African Docters should not cheat us becouse killing is agreat sin and you the judges dont be kind with these cases

  2. Olo mutati musazitchule kuti muli ku SA tilibe nanu ntchito tikudziwa kuti munayenda movutika popita kumeneko matshanga anakulandani mapaspot ananu munayenda wapansi kuchokela Maputo boda mpakana Jubek kkkkkkkkk kuchoka Libombo , komatipoti ,malelani Narsplit, ngondwan, kumapita mpaka kukafika wapasi kkkkkkkk lelo nkuma im south african citizen aaaa kusouth africa kuli dzina limeneli?

  3. I am a South African citizen nd we all hv albinos in our homes but we see not even a lil problem to live with them, we love them nd they mean a lot to us so y should u guys kill em, where have they gone wrong people?

  4. killers, abductors and exhumers of albinos are treated with kid groves they are given std 2b punishiment, once caught parade them to anational stadium naked and line them for shooting by a firing squad,Once this is done Malawi will not experience any macabre and masacre killings of our relatives with albinism.

  5. my fellow citizens, people with albinism, by virtue of being human, have the right to life as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi. lets respect the life of every human being on earth.

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