Trouble! Mwanza hospital hit by drug shortage

Albinos Malawi

The Mwanza district hospital is running out of important drugs due to increase in number of Mozambicans who are flocking into the district.

According to the district’s health officer (DHO), Rachael Pilingu, there are still more people from neighbouring Mozambique seeking medication at Mwanza district hospital, something which he said has raised fears of drug shortage.

Mwanza District Hospital
Mwanza District Hospital hit by drug shortages.

Pilingu said out of every four patients which the institution send to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (Quech) for further treatment, two are Mozambicans representing 50 percent.

The DHO said the hospital is also receiving more ladies from Mozambique in the maternity department and added that at least 15 to 20 percent of women in the maternity ward are Mozambicans.

“These Mozambicans are coming here for medication in large numbers because we are having free treatment at the hospital and in their country they have less hospitals and are far from them.

“So, this is disturbing us as we budget only for Malawians and not Mozambicans. Here the problem is that we cannot send them back since we don’t have registration certificates to enable us recognise them easily,” said Pilingu.

He then emphasized the importance of introducing payments at the hospital saying this can help the institution to be getting money which can enable them meet some of their challenges.

He said one of the challenges they are facing is that the facility has few health workers hence the increase of the Mozambicans puts pressure on the workers.



  1. Mwina si chifukwa cha ife ma mocambicans mwangotida ife siianthu kodi?? Palibe mwini ziko tose ndikumanda kufikira chiweruzo

  2. mr bitoni i salute you i have worked in a mission hospital near zambia border, treat a malawian no thak you but treat a zambian a lot of thanks, so a malawi learn to appreciate the little things the govt is doing for you thru cicil servants.

  3. zatitopetsa ife zamamozambikizi mwava inu atola nkhan? bwanji osangowaletsa ma drugs wo? ndinakhalako kwaoko anthu amenewa alibiretu chifundo kwao. kupusa a malawi kuzolowera ku gwada kwa ma forenas zatikwana pezani ziti muchite nao.

  4. Since our public hospitals r not free anymor, in as far as our so called GVT is concerned every pentient must pay more than aluvela to get treatment, nde marefugees r they paying too or not?? If “not” then Gvt must consider refugees’s medicine thus all.

  5. Musanamizile anthu akumozambique, penapake chilungamo ndichofunika. Tangonenani kut zili choncho kaamba kamavuto azachuma. Taganizani dziko la south afrrica, lili ndianthu ochokera mayoko angat? Ndipo sikumwanza kokhako tingot mzipatala monse

  6. @Clavel, I work in the same hospitals you are despising. The hospitals are in a big problem yes. Problems started way back during Bakili era. Then there were few reporters so the media was somehow silent. Today there are too much reporters trotting around with little news. Sometimes it is their mode of reporting that mislead the thinking of people. One fact worthy mentioning is the fact that these hospitals are doing a marvelous work more recommendable and applaudable than what’s meets reporters eyes. And you are out of order to call our hospitals death camps.

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