Mzuzu councillors told to unite

Grace Chiumia

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has advised ward councillors in Mzuzu City to unite for the betterment of the city’s development.

Deputy Secretary General for the DPP Grace Chiumia said this during a development rally in Mzuzu city.

Chiumia said unity is important as it will foster development of the city of Mzuzu.

Grace Chiumia
Chiumia drills Mzuzu ward councillors.

‘‘Unity is important without unity development is retarded and what is happening now is that most projects in Mzuzu would have started but because of lack of unity the development here is being retarded,” said Chiumia.

She further said that some projects would have started long time ago but people were fighting and arguing because they support different parties.

Chiumia added that there is need for the ward councillors to stop looking at their parties but to instead look at the development of Mzuzu city.

According to Chiumia, local people are the ones who suffer when leaders are fighting and they might end up blaming government that it is not bringing in development when it is the local leaders who are at fault.


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