Man jailed for raping mentally ill child

Albinos Malawi

Kasungu First Grade Magistrate Court has convicted a 24 year-old Malawian man identified as Adam Kaisi for raping a mentally ill girl.

The court heard that on February 11, 2016 the 13 year-old girl was on her way to see her grandmother who lives within the same village as hers.  On the way she met the convict who threatened that he would deal with her because she had been spurning his advances for a long period of time.

CourtThe victim started running away but the wicked man went after the girl until he caught up with her. He then tied her to a tree with plant fibres and raped her.

When the rapist appeared before court, he pleaded not guilty to the charge levelled against him but the state paraded four witnesses who included the victim, her father, the medical officer who examined the victim and a police investigator.

The state also tendered the plant fibres the convict used to tie the victim as part of the evidence.

After hearing the case, Kasungu First Grade Magistrate, His Worship Damiano Banda found Kaisi guilty as charged.

He however described the rapist’s behaviour as unacceptable.

The state through prosecutor Inspector Jennings Mkandawire of Kasungu Police Station appealed for a stiff sentence on Kaisi considering the circumstance he committed the offence and also the condition of the victim.

Before passing sentence, Banda concurred with state by saying that Kaisi indeed needed a stiff sentence to give a lesson to would-be offenders.

He then sentenced Kaisi to 11 years in jail with hard labour.

Kaisi comes from Chisazima village, Senior Traditional Authority Kaomba in Kasungu district.



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