Malawians want death sentences for albino killers


Malawians across the country have demanded death sentences for albino killers arguing that it is the only way to curb the malpractice. Since 2014, Malawi have been registering cases of attacks on people living with albinism.

Albinos Malawi

Malawi24 will run a campaign for a week urging Malawians to stop and report the abduction, killing and exhumation of remains of persons with albinism.

Despite President Peter Mutharika issuing a strong warning against people who are perpetrating the killings, the malpractice is refusing to die a natural death.

Reacting on unlawful killings of albinos, Malawians have asked government to give death sentences to people who kill people with albinism in the country.

Commenting on Malawi24’s post of giving views, citizens have expressed concern over the killings arguing that the malpractice is destroying the image of the country.

“I think life imprisonment is stupid sentence to these animals like human beings killing albinos the best way to go by is to have death sentence,” wrote Chrissie Phiri.

While James Soko wrote: “Those who are killing albinos must be killed as well they don’t deserve our prisons.”

Gift George wrote: “I feel pain each day when our brothers and sisters are living in fear in a so called peaceful Malawi my anger is telling me to have those people killing them to be chopped off their heads or hanged.”

So far, Malawi has recorded 14 cases of kidnappings, 28 cases of exhuming graves believed to be of people with albinism, 6 cases of killings, 3 cases of missing people, and 12 cases of people found in possession of human bones.

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