Electricity blackouts to end in three years – Mutharika


Malawi President Peter Mutharika has promised that blackouts which are currently a norm in the country will be history in three years.

Mutharika made the remarks at Trade Fair Grounds in Blantyre today when he officially opened Malawi’s International Trade Fair.

In his remarks, Mutharika admitted that power shortage has been one of Malawi’s challenges for many years.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika says blackouts remain a challenge to Malawi.

But he said his administration has taken aggressive steps to do away with the blackouts.

The Malawi leader said the ongoing process of splitting Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (Escom) into two companies is one of the measures his government has taken.

“We are splitting Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (Escom), we are bringing in more independent power producers and we are diversifying sources of power.”

“We are about to table a new electricity bill in the coming session of Parliament. Once that is done I assure you blackouts will become history in two or three years,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also challenged businesspeople to be innovative in order to compete with other countries.

He said Malawians should be innovate in order to boost the country’s economy.

“As Malawi we have to be innovative and adapt, we need to be innovative to move together with the rest of the world,” said the Malawi leader.

Speaking at the same function, minister of trade and industry Joseph Mwanamvekha urged the private sector to utilise the Buy Malawi Strategy in order to produce high quality products for the local and international markets.

The Trade Fair is organised by the Malawi Confederation of Chambers and Industries (MCCI) and at this year’s fair at least 150 companies are exhibiting their products and services.



  1. chaka chomaliza achimwenewa kukhala pa mpando wawu president ndichino Malawi Khulupilira mwadusa singano ulusi umadusa mommo mizimu ya anthu ikachuluka kukudandaula munthu mtendere sukhalanawo

  2. a President apa nde mwalankhula ngt muuza anatu aaaa zoona mmalo moti mutiuze zapompano inu mukati in 3yrs to come aaaaa kaya poti mwaunika kale kut adzakhala ali mtsogoleri wina inu mwavomela zakuvutanitu apa

  3. Honestly we’re under ineffective leadership,we hear their promises almost daily but still there’s no light at the end of the tunnel,three years adha nde mpaka Yesu atabweraty

    • Za mawa aziwa ndi mulungu, not a mere human being, or President himself sadziwa kuti mawa libala chani. So osamatha za mkamwa.

      Nowadays kukhala Ku Malawi mkulimba mtima, it takes soul survivors to be in Malawi, those in exile they ran away from this fight, they opt to develop other people’s country, then I see madness in every Malawian either in here or out there, for failing to develop our own nation in various ways; if President elected is mad then fault are mad Malawians who ascended him into power, if Malawians keep on reproducing as broiler chickens then the land lived in will be minimal for us to cultivate enough food,if our august house keep on raising salaries of themselves forgetting primary teachers,schools will be for nothing (to be continued…)

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  4. if Malawians are submitted to nosense we shall se you in that three years time…but if Malawians are concious you bettr wake up from your long nightmares..

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  7. its not only the language and currency that we share but we also share the same problems like electricity, depreciating of the kwacha here in Zambia we were told the same that the black outs Will normalize after 3 year s.

  8. Mr man why three years? Trying to blind people so that u may have another term thinking that we will have no blackouts? Forget about it mr, we know what to do after this term.

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