Chanco advocates for a disability friendly Malawi

Chanco Law faculty

Disability Right Legal Clinic at the Faculty of Law at Chancellor College has threatened to take government to task if nothing will be done to make Malawi a disability friendly country.

The faculty’s Disability Rights Programme Coordinator Enock Chilemba brought forward the statement following a complaint from Kachere Rehabilitation Centre in Blantyre.

Chanco Law faculty
Brains meet at a previous conference. (Image: Chanco website)

In his remarks, Chilemba said that the country is unfriendly to people with disability regardless of the presence of human rights legislations.

According to Chilemba, human rights issues are supposed to be considered as important by any other individual in the country. He explained that government is to be at the forefront since they are trained on how they can manage well the society.

“Government is in better position to hold such issues seriously since they are the same people who are trained on how to manage the society at large but unfortunately this is not happening in this country,” he said.

He however explained that since government is not showing its responsibility on such issues, the faculty will therefore take action. Chilemba said such actions includes engaging the government to conduct awareness campaigns with the aim of considering the disability friendly issue as important.



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