Renegade reclaims his crown


The King of trap hip hop is back with another hard hitting collection of bars, to shame the critics who had pronounced him dead in the game after a heightened silence he went into.

Now hold on, let Renegade be the one we have known in the past as you await the official release of Ineyo ndi Ineyo a song with full potential of claiming the number one spot.

A real hip hop hit one can listen to with glee, an artistic product to make you believe in the warm heart of Africa.

Renegade in the Sendera video is now back.

This solo project is enough a solid proof that the artist has improved beyond reasonable doubt. Following in the footsteps of Canadian born rapper cum singer, Drake, Renegade started from the bottom and now he is there indeed.

Speaking to Malawi24 earlier this week, the Blantyre based emcee promised fireworks.

He spoke highly of his return which as inferred will be full of great beats to give haters sleepless nights.

“Yes, with the return of Renegade expect more music this year, both solo projects and collaborations,” said Renegade.

His last release entitled Actor Samafa, was quite prophetic in nature. The soon to be let out, Ineyo ndi Ineyo is one of the fulfillments of the prophesy with more and more to follow.

The rapper talks about how he has been a hip hop head since day one. Since the song is strong enough to speak for itself, allow this journalists to lay down his pen while allowing you to wait patiently.

Behind every good song there is a brilliant producer, in the case of Malawi. The track under the spotlight has been baked by the young but talented Stitch Fray. His magic on the deck never lie, let Ineyo ndi Ineyo defend the claim.

Since hay days refuse to die for the actor Samafa hit-maker, his slightly above par beginnings saw him shining in collaborations. The song that bought him into the limelight, Yung Luv’s Sendera remains a song to listen to.

Renegade may however need to guard his crown jealously because Rugh Kid from Mzuzu readies his engine for take-off.