Ritaa is back with Chapatali


The queen of R’n’B in Malawi is definitely back. After re-branding to Ritaa, the songbird has released Chapatali, a song that threatens to disrupt local music charts.

Ritaa Malawi

The song which features another international award winning star, Dan Lu, has so far generated close to 1000 downloads just a few hours after its release. A feat that speaks much of the positive reception that Malawians have treated it to.

In an interview with this reporter, the versatile R’n’B singer revealed that she is not shy to drop a verse with a sparkling thunder on any genre as she is set to release three reggae and dancehall songs featuring Malinga Mafia, Pro-Voice and Twiggy.

“I am currently working on an idea for a video. Once that is done, all my fans should expect more fireworks as I plan to release a single each of the next few months,” said the gifted singer.

Chapatali is a love-themed song and was produced by Lo-Budget & Stich Fray.

It can be downloaded here: http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=4221



  1. Ndangoononga data yanga ndzinthu zopanda ntchto ngti izi kulibwno kumvera Gwaladi not nymbo iyi wapala palibepo chomwe waimbapo ayi kkkkkkkk!

  2. Nde mwati nd m’malawi???? Ee eee wandiwopsya wavala kkma??? B-)%-);->

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