Malawi’s Zani Challe rules Africa

Zani Challe
Zani Challe
Zani Challe is Malawi24’s Face of the Week

Zani Challe’s latest song, Single Tonight continues to conquer airwaves across Africa and beyond with the release of the video that can only be defeated by the song that has been described as occupying its own class.

With Patoranking, the Malawi songstress has managed to melt the heart of Nigeria to jointly conquer the world.

Zani Challe gives Rihanna and Beyonce a well deserving run for their status as great dancers. With that, Zani Challe duly gets the official Malawi24’s Face of the Week accolade. 

The South African based singer is undoubtedly moving closer to major continental recognition as she joins the league of other top African divas such as Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage, Zambia’s Ice Queen Cleo, South Africa’ s DJ Zinhle, and Kenya’s Stella Mwangi, among others.

Zani Challe deserves a meal fit for the gods indeed for quality production of her work. Her international collaboration is sweet to the ear not only in terms of its lyrical strength and instrumentation but also the high quality of sound, nicely tuned by the Nigerian producer, Ekelly.

The video is not an eyesore either but food for the eye, enough to give someone a reason to be proud of Malawian nationality.

Zani Challe
Zani Challe takes off

Currently in the country, Chiphadzuwa has been spotted sharing happy moments with other local artists.

Last week she posted a picture of Gwamba with her in a car then another nice pose with Tay Grin and other artists at Bingu Conference Centre for the Airtel Trace Music Star grand finale.

She came to register just a year ago with two hot beats, ndiphunzitse, and Gwada in which she featured South African artists.

Therefore all her efforts get down to this, Malawi24 face of the week, and this is just a genesis of better things to come.



  1. Hehehe l get it. But lemme make myself clear on this. Am not sayin her song is gud or bad. All am tryin to put across is that we rush into critisizing our own. On the other hand ur language is betraying u. Ur are sayin we shld think about ”young little gals.” so wat can the ‘little daughters’ learn from wat u are sayin?? Foul language all the way but ur busy sayin theres no positiv msg in the song. Get rid of that load in ur eye 1st.

  2. All am sayin z, why do u guys not criticize foreign artists who do the same stuff??? Wen its a local artist, u tear him/her apart. Instead u invite them(foreign artists) here and patronize their shows. By the way, Yemi Alede is a nigerian musician who did ‘my Johny’

  3. I don’t care who it is, wrong it’s wrong no matter who does it, the fact is I don’t support stupid and commercial whack ass musicians neither local nor international who try to impress pple with materialism nor women showing off their bodies to and sexual provocative lyrcs, that’s whack

  4. if she is rules africa why pa zambia popa nyimbo yake yomwe mukumati tonight yoo sikumvekako nkomwe? malo mongoti she rules malawi ndie nuziti she rules africa? kapena africa simukumuziwa? paja mukasowa zolemba ndichocho.mxie

  5. Hope she puts Malawi on the map for better reasons and not albino killings

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