Malawi holds enormous bounty of rare earths – Report

Will Dawes

The land is blessed with treasures lying underneath while the owners step on the soils not knowing their feet walk on minerals that can help transform their country.

According to information sourced from The Financial Times blog beyondbrics, Malawi appears to have a bounty minerals underneath.

Will Dawes says theres big potential in Malawi.
Will Dawes says theres big potential in Malawi.

Canadian company Mkango Resources chief executive Will Dawes, believes the country could become Africa’s largest rare earths producer.

“There are at least five potential rare earth mines in Malawi, of which Mkango’s Songwe Hill project is the most advanced. Malawi ticks the boxes in terms of resource potential, a stable political environment, infrastructure and government support,” says Dawes.

Dawes further called on government to consider developing mining sector in the country as one way of weaning the country from donor aid dependence.

Among countries that have attracted foreign mining investors include Mozambique, Tanzania and Namibia.

For the past two years, a total of $829 million has been raised to explore Africa for metals and minerals.

In Malawi the project was called ‘Kauniuni’ where aeroplanes were seen flying over the country searching for minerals.



  1. Sipana vute,a malawi olemela ife tichite limodzi-limodzi tisegule company, tikamfunse kadazi(nakuyela) yo ationese pomwe. Pali myala akunenayo, tikayambepo ku fukula tokha. Si basi nkhani yatha! Mukudikila zonse achite msamunda,ndiye akubelani di tu!

  2. never talk of malawi minerals. if we admit exploitation, then money will go into the sacks of politicians which are already full. God put them there and He wik find them where they are. if the whites want to invest in malawi should be in agricultural sector not mining. is there any benefit to malawians from kayerekera? then, what do they want?

  3. Nanga mumalorabwanji anthu kugulamaro ochuluka ati oweterankhuku those guys can be operating hidden mines in such huge plots in the name of poutry farm palibe angafufuze izi they guys sometimes have restricted areas and that couldbe tricky! Wake up Malawi wake up!

  4. This is an old story that appeared on the blog in 2013. Malawi can become an electronics hub with the exploitation of rare earths. What is required is to convert raw Rare earths into various elements required in the electronics industry instead of exporting it raw. This is called ‘value addition’. Malawi can be able to produce televisions, cellphones, GPS systems etc.

    This idea of exporting raw products is making Malawi and Africa poor. For example, the country would be producing cigarettes from tobacco, tires and gloves from rubber, tooth picks,tiles, and paper from timber,jewelry from gemstones, the list goes on. Before I forget, the prospective Niobium mine in Mzimba can make Malawi become a big producer of specialized steel. All is needed is source for an investor who would use available coal resources and combine it with iron ore which Malawi is believed to have under its soils,then mixed it with Niobium to make specialized steel which is an important element in making engineering structures lighter.The more industries of value addition are created the bigger the economy and the more jobs are created.

  5. We know u want to use poor peole to dig menerals for u and robb everything they have off u go leaving poor malawians poorest. Takana pano andAlenu mwatitsegula mmaso

  6. Bingu and his brother fooled us. They exploited us and stole our money from the uranium proceeds from Kayekela and hid the money in their foreign accounts !

  7. We’re sick and tired of these lies. Go to hell! Besides, even if we had rare minerals, what would change? Kayerekera’s pain is still fresh in our minds. With clueless leaders at the helm, even the most expensive diamonds in the world, Malawi wouldn’t change.

  8. Hahahh wati stepin on minerals wina wake kumati ndiophunzira uprofessor wa gardenin ku USA. Kumazatipusisa kunoko zachamba

  9. For how long will we keep on singing this song. We’ ve heard of songwe hill rare earth project, nthale iron ore, kangankunde, kanyika etc. How long will it take for these projects to materialise? I smell a rat!

  10. If there is minerals in Malawi just leave them.If we gonna use them, only top dogs are the ones to benefit from them not Malawi as a whole.

  11. Its bcz of Stupid politicians who think.of nothing But stealing all the time.Thus why I Hate Recycled politicians .They have been on the forefront to ruin Malawi.I really Hate Recycled Politicians .They have changed Parties like changing routes to bush toilet .Greedy politicians,have no Development AGENDA .50yrs now we are still poor bcz of politicians.Anyone who smiles at these Thieves is just as Stupid.No room for Recycled politicians in 2019.We want clean, capable people who can Develop malawi.Just imagine from Udf to Dpp to PP To Dpp again.Chitani manyazi agalu inu.Mwatibera mokwanira,mwatinamiza mwatikwana .Kwathu kuno nde musayerekeze kubwera kudzapanga Kampeni 2019,kuti mudzatinamizeso,Tidzakugendani. Stupid.

    1. I cant join african politics.Those who join politics are from poor background,they want riches.Thus why they Steal.Come to Chikwawa ,Nsanje and appreciate our problems,50yrs we are still poor.Your stupid politicians only seen during campaign to keep on lying.Go to Hell

    2. true politians mostly are the ones who accrelate malawi to be poor after chosen them. poor malawian wil not beneft for these exprotation .the only thng z to wait king of king who zi kind to every one leave things on earh thy just useless.

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