Govt urged to develop economic plan

Timothy Mtambo

Human rights activists in the country have advised government to develop an economic recovery plan that can bail Malawi out of its economic problems.

Timothy Mtambo, one of the human rights activists in the country, said government is not doing enough in ensuring social and economic rights of Malawians in the country.

”Government is not doing well in as far as the achievement of the social and economic rights of people in the country is concerned as at the moment the cost of living has increased and people are struggling,” said Mtambo.

Timothy Mtambo
Has made the call: Mtambo

He added that at the moment Malawi has no economic recovery plan hence the need to have one so that the economy is boosted.

Mtambo further said that there is need for government to invest in irrigation agriculture so that people have food throughout the year as at the moment people are sleeping on an empty stomach.

According to Mtambo, in the two years that the Democratic Progressive Party has been ruling, Malawi would have been enjoying the fruits of irrigation agriculture if government had thought of investing in it.

He also said that government need to respect freedom of expression and association as some people were arrested in Mzuzu for conducting peaceful demonstrations.


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