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By May 7, 2016

Local stand-up comedian has been recognized as one of the funniest people this year, along with nine other notable figures in the industry.

Dalitso Chaponda has been ranked seventh on the top ten list of African comedians by the African exponent medium.

His vibrant comic career has seen him overcoming border barriers, making his name known to other parts of the world.

Dalitso Chaponda

Dalitso Chaponda recognized.

Chaponda marked the genesis of his career in 2001 in Canada, with the passage of time, he is now one of the celebrated comedians in the world having performed at big comedy festivals in Melbourne Australia; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Montreal, Canada. In the present, he is the only Malawian comedian with a name beyond the borders.

Despite performing mostly outside Malawi, Chaponda hosts an annual show called Laughrita in Malawi. It attracts international acts, making it quite a phenomenon worth including on the calendar. Those that have ever watched him perform have testified, he is the kind of a comedian that would moisten your eyes with tears because of his jokes.

Son to the current minister of Agriculture George Chaponda, the young Chaponda once forced people into uncontrollable laughter during one of his performances in Malawi, having joked about his father. Another entertainer in the best ten whose rank is not questionable is Uganda’s Annie Kansiime. She is one of the most followed on the continent with her short comic visuals widely watched across Africa. The Ugandan is ranked third while South Africa’s undisputable Trevor Noah is on the top spot, seconded by Nigeria’s Bright Okpocha who is also known as Basket mouth. Here is how African funniest men and women stand as of 2016.

1. Trevor Noah (South Africa)

2. Bright Okpocha/ Basket Mouth (Nigeria)

3. Anne Kansiime (Uganda)

4. Eddi Kadi (DRC)

5. Michael Blackson (Ghana)

6. Daniel Ndambuki/ Churchill (Kenya)

7. Dalitso Chaponda (Malawi)

8. Carl Joshua Ncube (Zimbabwe)

9. Tumi Morake (South Africa)

10. Helen Paul Basimile (Nigeria)


  1. Keep it up bro

  2. Hail you Dalitso

  3. Well done Dalitso, we are proud of u. U put malawi on the map

  4. yEwO BaNda says:

    ameneyu nde uti uti, sindidamveko

  5. favour says:

    aziwika bwanji kunja eni ake amalawi sitikumziwa,

  6. Symon Moyo says:

    We also have comedians at Fam. From water to mtawali and his 11 pretenders

  7. mathews chilenje says:

    Better in comedian Malawi big up,but in other hand like football i dont know it will recovery

  8. maria kawamba says:

    thumb up breda….jokes ndiwausilu zachichewa can’t be recognized. should just improve in the format bas.koma chaponda nde ur number one

  9. In as far as comedy is concerned, it doesn’t matter where you come from…as long as you make people laugh…(Get the pun).

  10. Ezekiel kazembe says:

    For me Mr Jokes No 1

  11. Big up

  12. Wongie says:

    Kkk…bola zimenezi…flames ndiye ingoyambaponso za comedy

  13. Gift J says:

    Chaponda keep it up!

  14. Who Made That List? No Omondi/Pablo

  15. awesome

  16. Congrats To U Chaponda!!

  17. Bobby Rio says:

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  18. Peter Chikweza says:

    Congregations, Dalitso for putting Malawi on the map. This is amazing, because we are only famous for hunger and corruption. At least We all need to thank you for this.

    • daniel says:

      Haa! You make me laugh. Dont’ forget hunger,disease,envy and witchcraft. We are number one in the world.

  19. he is a ‘sell out’ dissing his own pple to get noticed by white audience……buster ed!!! Can somebody show me ;unlike: button plz

  20. Even the president of Malawi can easily win in that category

  21. Yes, Malawi can produce comedians even in soccer….

  22. Nanga zekix nd Jacob….. Chichewa kapena…kkkk

  23. zili musheee

  24. Bola, koma osati Flames shaaaaa

  25. bola kuyesa zimenezo kusiyana ndikutaya nthawi ndi flames..


  27. zili good

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