Malawian chamba smuggler abandons truck at Nyamapanda

Nyamapanda border post

Harrison Mlauzi, a Malawian truck driver fled Nyamapanda border post after authorities discovered 31 bags of Indian hemp (Chamba) stashed in his vehicle together with three bales of second hand clothes.

According to reports, Mlauzi who hails from Lilongwe was driving a Dalitso Logistics truck with Registration Number MC 4373 transporting barley tobacco stalks from Malawi to Zimbabwe.

Nyamapanda border post
Nyamapanda border post

The truck driver fled the scene after realising that the search had uncovered the illicit drug and other smuggled goods.

The report added that law enforcement agents are also investigating another Malawian, Demobry Chirombo (26).

Chirombo was in the truck but claimed he was a passenger on his way to South Africa. It is reported that on April 25, Mlauzi, who was carrying barley tobacco stalks from Malawi to Zimbabwe arrived at the border and the goods were cleared by an agent.

The truck was, however, considered as subject to search by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) officials and Mlauzi then parked the vehicle at the searching bay.

After parking, Mlauzi disembarked and left for good. The search was conducted the following day in the presence of Chirombo, who later revealed that he was only a passenger.

The recovered chamba weighed 1494Kg valued at $149,400 (K101,293,200).

According to reports, Police have now intensified a manhunt for the suspect.



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