Malawi govt haunted by prison congestion

Malawi Prison
The Malawi government through the ministry of home affairs and internal security says it is committed to reduce congestion which has hit most prisons in the country.

According to minister responsible Jappie Mhango, the Malawi government is planning to construct new and internationally recommended prisons countrywide.

The disclosure of the development comes days after different human rights activists and some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) faulted government for failure to end congestion in the country’s prisons.

However, Mhango admitted that the congestion is existing in the country’s prisons and further said most of these prisons were built some time back and they are not in a conducive state to be housing inmates.

Jappie Mhango
Mhango: Says govt is working on reducing prison congestion.

“It is very correct that in Malawi our prisons were built long time back as such that current conditions are not conducive and it is for this reason why the government is planning to build these prisons in the country,” said Mhango.

He added that prison is a place to reform and not for punishment hence the plan to construct the internationally recommended prisons.

Mhango said they will also make sure the prisons which will be built in the country and all prisons available now should have an environment which is conducive for all inmates.



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  3. They are indeed full to its capacities, with almost all of them poor people; who was picked by our police dogs in the name of sweeping excesize and failed to bribe them. Akhothinso samaona nkhani zilizonse kundende.

  4. They are indeed full to its capacities, with almost all of them poor people; who was picked by our police dogs in the name of sweeping excesize and failed to bribe them. Akhothinso samaona nkhani zilizonse kundende.

  5. the more committed th Govt is to reduce congestion the more crimes people commit. Congestion in prisons will never end. every year we hear of over crowding in Malawi prisons.

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