Jaffalie Chande makes immediate impression at Nomads


Even when he was let out of the tunnel to warm up when his fellow players were in the dressing room at half time, the fans had shown they expected him to play and see his heroics at the new club, but Jaffalie Chande came off the bench and scored in Mighty Be Forward’s 3-1 win over Cobbe Barracks in a Presidential cup meeting on Tuesday at Kamuzu Stadium.

Chande who had controversially joined the side from rivals Nyasa Big Bullets where he had his contract disputes heightened impressed even from the first touch of the ball at a time the scores remained 1-all between the two sides.

Jaffalie Chande

Chande scored on his debut.

Peter Wadabwa had put the Nomads in the lead in the first minute after he tapped in a well driven in cross from the Nomads right back Stanley Sanudi before Cobbe pulled level through a Fanuel Fukizi slot on 20th minute until half time.

But the Nomads pulled off Ted Sumani, who was also a marvel to watch as his link with captain Francis Mlimbika outdid Cobbe’s Thoko Banda and Patrick Luhanga upfront and in the wings.

It only took him 13 minutes in the second half to open his account for the Lali Lubani side heading home a powerfully chipped cross form the right frank by Sanudi.

Chande sent the fans into chants and yes, he had put the Nomads in the lead again.

And Wadabwa sealed the winner for the Nomads twenty five minutes later. He dribbled past the Cobbe defence before beating their goalie Maneno Masowo and scored  the winner of the day.

Cobbe Barracks

Cobbe Barracks celebrate their equalizer.

In an interview with Malawi24 after the match Chande was quick to thank his fellow players for the assist saying that was a welcome message to him at the club.

‘You see, Sanudi should have even made the attempt himself but he passed the ball on to me and I scored. What more can I describe that other than a welcome note to me. I want to settle down at my new club and  I thank everyone for the support” said Chande who has now been with the club for two weeks.

The Nomads have now sailed to the next round of the Presidential Cup regional playoffs.

Chande had been in a dispute with Bullets over the duration of his contract but he joined the Nomads after an independent committee at the FA ruled that there was no evidence he had a contract with the Peoples team ending in 2017.



  1. Pa Fb U Can Talk But Come The Games U Runaway Why??No Matter He Scored As A Substitute Or He Misses A Penolty Bt They Are All Good Players And Hope They Wil Function Dis Season,jst Be Cool And C How They Can Perform And Then Tidzaone Wina Atalira Ndi Mtibu Wazigoli Coz Enawa Ndi Anatu Gyz,timangowakwera Ndi Akazi Athu,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,i Didnt Mention The Team Ok???

  2. U cant compare chande with sulumba ! Chande ndi machine I tell you ! Nyerere zapata basi. And we are at another level. wadabwa, bello, chande, the Raffiki’s, Sanude,Tcheya Kaliati ……………..machine oyendela mphepo! Katundu wonyamula mutam’manga!

  3. Kulalata thoooo ife kumatenga league ka 13 madolo muli cheteeeeeeeeeeee tatiyeni nazo tinakuzolowerani, mpira wanu ndi pa James ife ndi pa ground.

  4. It took 2 mnts for Sulumba to scoal, it’s onily the star who mises penarty like Sulumba if you uefa u will agree with me Tomas muller, Torres i see rast 9t

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  6. ine wa noma guyz tisasangalale kwambiri chande anangogwera cobbe ndi timu ya ing’ono inu tinango wapezerera inati kanika dwangwa bwanji?? sulumba ndi dolo olo messi amaphonya penalty!!!

  7. Who can be praised in a game of futball who enter into a game and score and one taken out of a game and even missed a penalty?????? pliz help me! …..JF is a machine for nomads….

  8. Yea! It took Sulumba 2 min to score against his former club on a less important football match and come the serious business Sulumba was in a sackbag @ Hermetio Chaponda.

  9. Yea! It took Sulumba 2 min to score against his former club on a less important football match and come the serious business Sulumba was in a sackbag @ Hermetio Chaponda.

  10. Yea! It took Sulumba 2 min to score against his former club on a less important football match and come the serious business Sulumba was in a sackbag @ Hermetio Chaponda.

  11. Manoma kozekelani kumenyedwa ndi anyamata a Songani Vetelans(Zomba) coz sakugawa ma sweet ma cobbe osadanda ma young stars akabweza chipongwe chomwe akuchitanichi…