Initiative launched to help detained Malawians


Malawians who are detained for overstaying in South Africa will soon come back to Malawi as New Age Corporation, an organisation based in Blantyre, has launched an initiative to repatriate them.

Lindera camp

Some Malawians are detained at Lindela

According to Bertha Mwafongo, an administrator at New Age, the program which is called the Prodigal Child Initiative is aimed at assisting Malawians imprisoned in Lindela and other prison cells around South Africa.

“This initiative aims to provide them with legal counsel, give them access to transportation back to Malawi and educate them on the proper procedures to follow to obtain a proper legal work permit,” said Mwafongo.

It is believed that there are thousands of Malawians detained at Lindela, some of whom have been held at the facility for 9 months.

To successfully repatriate the Malawians, New Age is in talks with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and is also working with Intercape Bus.

However, the organisation wants well-wishers to assist in the initiative so that many detained Malawians should be able to get back home or to access legal services.

The company aims to make two to three trips every month and has estimated that each trip will cost K10,000,000 and will carry 50 Malawians.

New Age is a company which deals in real estate as well as vehicle and travel packages.



  1. Kulibe nkhani zina zolemba kodi ife okhala kuno osazidziwa bwanji kkkkkk mukhalira yomweyo ife pheee basi kumadyanawo Rand basi

  2. We have heard a lot of things about people who are illegally staying here in RSA. But for their programmes to be materialized is just what I can call them ”zam’maboma”.

    Firstly as far as your budget states here, you will be spending K200 000 per person. A bus ticket from Jozi to Malawi is less than K40 000 using Intercape bus.

    If indeed all this money will be spent in one person, then you have my support.
    This only means that you can even make work permits for all the 50 people per that trip which is great.
    But if this is not done (work permit) then I don’t see any good reason for spending K200 000 per person when you can only spend less than K40 000 on transport costs.

    I hope you mean what you have just told the nation.

  3. its a waste of time and resources to assist these people because the last time they were assisted they did not stay but returned to SA

  4. its a waste of time and resources to assist these people because the last time they were assisted they did not stay but returned to SA

  5. I can see three things here; 1. Giving them access to legal counsel which means hiring lawyers, 2. Transporting them back to Malawi which means hiring a private bus and 3. Assisting them with getting proper work permit which means trainings and visa fees apply.Its good that this initiative is not stopping at just bringing them back but takes a step further and assists them so they can return back legally. Ndiangati akulowa ku Joni opanda mapaper oyenera? Nice one guys you have my support.

  6. but the money for per trip is too much even booking them bus tickets to transport them can’t cost that much! review the budget guys hahahha! i can smell fishy fishy here

    • It’s originally concerned about Malawians. We are proud of our language. We were not born England, why forcing 2 talk other people’s language while we can understand each other in our own tongue? Its u who is a fool coz u are not proud of ur own nation. Don’t u see tht people make many mistakes on social media by writing other people’s languages? Its better 2 write wht people can understand than forcing 2 write wht they can’t. Never mind the story is written in English but the beneficiaries and majority 2 yield something on this case are Malawians then why wena ufuna anthu adzilume lilime kulemba chilankhulo chakuti sichakwawo pamene tokhatokhafe tikuvelana bwino chakwathu? Ukuona ngati mzungu waku America ikumukhudza nkhaniyi? Iweyo sudaphunzire ngati ine. Ulibe ma degree ngati yanga koma sindimanyada anthu a kwathu akamayankhula chichewa. Panyapako! Upite ku Lilongwe ukafune sukulu ya o nyamata ya ST. JOHNS’ SEC.XOOL. Ukafuse kuti kodi pagulu la onyamata wa 1999 wa form4 Danken, lawyer pano mndani? PANYAPAKO IWE! USATICHIMWITSE APA.

  7. Ine chizunguchi sindikumvesesa kodi akuti afuna athandize kugwira anthu? Kapena afuna kupitisa kumuzi amene agwidwa kale. Can someboday explane this please!

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  9. Mkucheza akulu inu mwalemba izi mkusewera kwabasi mkufuna pafe nyani eti tayesani muona palibe obwerera uzatidyesa chaniwe!!!

  10. first of put things in order b4 these people come. what Will they eat . accommodation , plus other social welfare. kuwabweretsa nkwafupi koma kuwasamala nkovuta. aliyense ali ndi mavuto ake ndiponso zofuna zake.

  11. Ife tikuyenda mwadidi tidakadya kaye nkhukuziiiii
    Asiyeni makape amenewo awolele momo bola mukagule chimanga muthandize nacho anjala kwanthuko

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  13. koma inu a News 24 zimenezi mumazitenga kuti poti RSA last of last month lidamasula anthu ndikuwatulutsa kulindela omwe ndi amalawi nanga izi amakupatsani ndani inu nkhani zopusazi.

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