Gerald Phiri Jnr gets permanent residence permit

Gerald Phiri Jnr

Malawi international midfielder Gerald Phiri Jnr has received his South African permanent residence permit and he will be registered as a South African local player.

Bidvest Wits CEO Jose Ferreira has confirmed that the former Mighty Wanderers star has received the South African permanent resident permit.

Gerald Phiri Jnr
Phiri Jnr (In red) can now afford a smile.

Ferreira added that the player is now free to start playing for the club but he will be registered next season.

“Everything has been sorted. He is back but will only be registered next season,” Ferreira was quoted by the

Phiri joined Bidvest from Zimbabwe’s giants Caps United at the start of this season but he is yet to kick a ball in South Africa as he was delayed in being granted the permanent residence permit.

Phiri will be registered as a local player since he was born to a South African father as a result he qualifies to be registered as a South African local player.



  1. koma awulutsi adziko lathu inu mutuchititsa manyazi ndithu.zimenezo ndikukhala zolengeza? permit or no permit u ar stl a foreigner here.passport or no passport stl be th same.xenophobia sidaone permit

  2. Being granted a permanent residence permit doesnt mean, that you cease to be the citizen of your home country. There alot of malawians in South africa who hav such papers but they are still citizens of malawi. There are even some who hav SA IDs but they are still regarded as foreigners. If you ask former flames players like patrick mabedi, John maduka you hear that they hav permanent residence permits but they are still malawians.

    1. kumalawi sitilora dual citizenship ask peter about green card ngati uli ndi id ku south africa ndekuti ndiye citizenship apikane?

    2. But this is just a permanent residence permit. It can also be issued to me. Its just that now ali ndi mwayi oti akhoza kupanga apply citizenship.

  3. Which means he will spend his whole life responding as a second class citizen because as far as I know the RSA society can never fully accept a foreign national to enjoy life fully as they do.

    1. losing in which way hahahaha permanent residence doesn’t mean dual citizen u think mabongani ndiopusa eti palibe chomwe angapange uyu ZAIZAI or YIZOYIZO or KWEREKWERE

  4. bola pamenepo broo uziphulitsa lyf ku joburg nyc gud luck aisee!

  5. Nudge ngati Mene Ali ndi residential permit ndiye ndi citizen mmm anthu Ena simukumvesa.

    1. Mr. Daniel, thanks for what u have said. iam not jerousy but iam expressing my views and i dont depend on football to feed myself even my family and relatives but i respect football and my country. I get more from my Lord and i praised Him for that.

  6. Wina akhoza kukhala permanent resident koma ali citizen wa dziko lina. Gerald ndi citizen ya Malawi, ali ndi passport yaMalawi koma akukhalira ku South Africa. Ndiye palibe angamuletse kusewerera timu ya Malawi.

  7. Umphawi usatisinthise mayiko anthuni,mlungu potilenga kukhala amalawi adali ndicholinga choncho tiyeni tilemekeze chilengedwe cha Yehova

  8. kkkkkk even ma looks ake akuyenera kumpatsa permit……. good luck boy ur not the first anayamba ndi awa: Zidane, pogba, sterling, Lukaku even Boateng

  9. akagwere….why? he thinks is the only player malawi can look up to? though we performe badly but still more replacement. What is southafrica after all?

    1. i value your imputs but read again the story. dont be taken up by RSA coz you have to explore opputunities where you are based even in your native country.

    2. kkkkkk pakuvutilapo kumvetsatu apa shaaaaa..limbikani mzamva has a permanent residence but he still plays for malawi…permanent residence does not block u representing your country brothers.

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