Bullets dominance has diluted BT derby – pundit

Nomads vs Bullets

One of the country’s football pundits Enos Chatama says the Blantyre derby has lost its flavour as compared to the years gone by due to Nyasa Big Bullets’ dominance over sworn rivals Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

Nomads vs Bullets
Bullets have dominated previous meeting.

Nyasa Big Bullets versus Wanderers remains Malawi’s Football heavyweight and titanic clash ever since the introduction of Malawi’s top division League.

But as the two sides set to face each other in the first round of 2016 TNM Super League this afternoon, Chatama who has fond memories of how it used to be back then insists a lot has changed regarding the derby as the hype and flavour it used to carry has long long gone.

“Back then the derby was a high profile match not as it is today, in the first place it was like a war, Bullets and Wanderers had to launch a fierce fight at the Kamuzu Stadium and the hype was high and the tension was high as well.

“Supporters used to mock one another, it even took 3-4 weeks people talking about the derby but nowadays it is lacking the tension,” he said. Chatama attributed the lack of excitement before the derby to Bullets’ dominance over their old enemy in recent years.

He said: “So to me I think it has lost the flavour because it is being dominated by one team, while in the past it was like a seesaw whereby the other game Bullets won and the other game Wanderers were also winning, but these days Wanderers have lost a lot of derbies, in the past 15 meetings Bullets have won 10 games.”



  1. Bullets has indeed dominated but l don’t think this would have any impact on the hype of the derby. l think that it’s just maybe the time for football to go down just like education.

    1. Mr winning is winning whether you win by mile or Inch it is winning that’s all bullets it’s doing what is needed to be Done

  2. KKKKK iwe nde ndaninso,mwana wandani,wabadwa liti kacertificate kapawindow komweko kautola nkhani wat uziwanamizapo anthu apa.Ukaone marecords a mmbuyomu.

  3. Bt Derby has lost flavour coz BB hasn’t performed wel et? Equalising thru penalty? One can say Nyerere wl be a difficult to beat team indeed! Ine wa mabanker ndimaganyula ku Noma basi in Malawi.

  4. Total false. Y all the times when these 2 teams meet at any ground, the ground covers to the capacity? Muzimufusa Charles Nyirenda azikuwuzani zowona.

  5. Chande must launch a fierce battle against this Nigerian guy Amos Bello otherwise he will be a darling to bench. Bello is a complete player and today he was a handful to Bullets. Neba kusangalala ngati wawina koma ili draw kkkkkkkkk

    1. Man that’s a fair result to both teams
      as wanderers had a good 1st half and
      bullets anakatha kuwina 2nd half.

  6. komamukafunakulemba khan osamanenateam .chifukwa BBndiyomweijatimaidziwayi.

  7. Ndachita Kuwona Lero Sulumba Atakwapatiridwa,even A Single Shot at goal,ndiponso Bullets Siisewela Mpira Osangalatsa Ay. Nanga Kumangokhala Wa M’mwamba Bax,bolako sailesitu;pomwe Noma Amat Akaupedza inali yawo ija umodz-umodz wapansi (brilliant football).

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  9. Ine monga suppoter wamkulu wa Noma ndimadziwa kuti pa Malawi ngati pali ma team akuluakulu nde ndi bullets ndi wanders. Ndipo akanganya awiriwa akakumana pamakhala mpira ine posatengera mbali yomwe ndiri koooma tikagonja ndi bullets ndimanvensa chifukwa bullets imatha komanso ngati wanders ingawina ndinyadira chifukwanso wanders ndi akamuna. Mpira ndi m’ground let us wait and see what next

    1. Mr Matungweh! just go back to my comment you can see what I said. Nthawi dzambiri ife anthu timakanika kuvomeredza and in my comment I don’t mean kuti bullets is greater than wanders or wanders is greater than bullets NO. Ndipo pa mateam awiriwa kupanga draw sikuti mkulakwinsa komanso bullets ikawina siinagwere komanso noma ikawina siinagwere ndi mateam ot dza mpira amadzisata ndipo ife ma suppoter tikuyenera kuvomeredza dzosatira dza wanders ndi bullets. Try to use this number at whatsapp then you goner know who am I in a Nomans funs: 0849583115

  10. a chatama kamutu kanu sikayenda bwino,, kwa ife as real surpoters zimatisangalatsa ma team awiriwa akamapeza nkumamenya mpira posatengera mbili,. even today its our greatest day pa derby yathu ngat sizikukusangalatsa tisakuone ku stadium,.

    1. Mmmm onse amanyengelera ma player amzake not bullets yokha gud example chande bwa wanders sinamunyengelera kuchoka ku bullets onse akupha mpira apa dont point fingers

  11. thats not true mr Chatama futbal is played on the ground…if its not your day that day u can not make it…dont out rule noma anything can happen..dont judge!!!!

    1. Hahaha even if noma itagwera lero,the truth still remains! Bullets dominance over nyerere has killed the derby kkkkk I like it!

    2. its just unfortunate that u still have that ancient feeling of kugwera…theres no such word in futbol..kuluza or kuwina its part of 90 minutes..hehehe..#letsjstwaitndc

    1. Commenting without reading is not good, he said head to head for 15 games bullets won 10 meaning kaya carlsberg final ili mu other remaining 5.

    2. Zamake dzana? Kodi mesa from that finals game the next game we have played ndi ya charity shield? And if you watched game ya charity shield you know what we did to you in the second half of the game. Kungoti inuyo ndi ma noisy neighbours!

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