Kaliati to launch Kiliye-Kiliye decoders


Minister of information, communications technology and civic education Patricia Kaliati is today expected to unveil the “Kiliye Kiliye” digital decoder at Mzuzu Stadium as the country is finally migrating from analogue to digital television broadcasting.

According to a statement by the ministry, the analogue television switch off is being implemented in phases starting with transmitters in Mzuzu.

This means from 1st July, 2016, television viewers in Mzuzu and surrounding areas will not be able to watch any local television channel using analogue equipment.

Kiliye-Kiliye decoders will see improved of picture quality of local TVs. (Google image)
Kiliye-Kiliye decoders will see improved of picture quality of local TVs. (Google image)

“Television viewers are encouraged to have the “Kiliye” digital decoder. The decoder is plugged to a television set to interpret the digital signal so that channels are displayed on an analogue television set,” reads part of the statement.

The “Kiliye” decoder is not the same as the satellite pay television or any other Free-To-Air decoder because it enables Malawians to watch more free local television channels with better quality.

Once bought, there is no subscription payment to be made and people will enjoy viewing for free.

The channels viewers will be able to access are Malawi Broadcasting Corporation(MBC), Luso, God News Broadcasting Services(GBS), Timveni, Luntha, Channel for All Nations (CAN), Calvary (CFC), Times, Hope Channel, Zodiak, Joy, Matindi, Ufulu, Beta, Angaliba, African Bible College(ABC) and Laura TV.



  1. Nde mwat ma channel achimalaw obweleza PG imozi ka 10 bullsshit

  2. Lets Go Mw!! With New World Of Tech Lets Not Be Stil With The Old, Nice Move Mw, That Is My Dream To See Malawi Developing!!

  3. osangoti mwatsekula zachigololo bwanji akweni mukufuna muzijambulitsa ma bm akweni vs peter muthalika kaka zilipo

  4. Koma abale mpaka ku luncha decoder kodi. Ndalama mukaononge kumeneko osagwirira ntchito zina bwanji. Dziko silingatukuke choncho.

  5. Iam worried why gvt is not launchinng solar decoders

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  8. Mudzigawa dzaulele panyumba ina iliyonse pomwe mupeze atapachika aerial, chifukwa Mbc pa analog ndiye ikukwapukabe bhootu ndiye choonongera ndalama nchiyani?

    1. hehe after kuti maHackers atafika paliponse analogue izakhala deal, just heard they’ve started hacking car breaks while you’re enjoying your ride

    1. Thanks Mbapatel Chilombo Zgambo and mzuzu city assembly fired the contractors who were renovating the stadium, hahahahaha mlekeni mwana watukenge wasambilenge kunthazi

  9. Hahahahaha! 51+ years of independence nyasaland kept using Analogue? Oh dear. This nation is pathetic indeed. A failed state to be specific. Digital lero? haha! Koma ya!

    1. Look, we are more into politics tgan anything else. Seconded by our desire to live comfortably on donated money. Our governments freeze in thinking once elected. They believe in repairs of relics

    2. Joseph Nduna u are 100% right mate. The so-called leaders we elect hv no clue @ all. I mean we got the 9th lagest lake in the world, 3rd largest in Africa and yet we keep on singing a hunger song year after year. Kodi ulimi wothilira uja uli kti? The Government system is so lame and believe me we can change a thousand regimes but nothing will change.

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