Analyst says political parties should be reformed

Happy Kayuni

A political analysts in Malawi has stressed the need for political reforms and the transformation of political party administration.

The analyst, Chancellor College’s Happy Kayuni, was reacting to a recent study by Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI) which has ranked Malawi 51st out of 129 on political transformation.

BTI, which is updated every two years, analyse and evaluates the quality of democracy, market economy, and political management in 129 developing and transition countries.

Happy Kayuni
Kayuni: Hints on need for political parties to be formed.

Kayuni said because of the differences among political parties, it is making it hard for the parties to help government in the development of the country.

“Opposition parties in the country are failing to help government in developing the country because of their differences,” said Kayuni.

He added that there is need for the duty bearers to highlight and admit their shortfalls and then think of ways to deal them.

Kayuni further said that reforms in the country have to be intensified and political administration in the country need to be followed.

He said it is not easy to be a leader in a democratic society but it might be easy if duty bearers came together to admit their challenges and find ways to resolve them.