Barry One mercilessly overcomes Genii Blakk

Barry One

Barry One killed Genii

Malawi gospel rapper Barry One has proved his legendary status having been voted winner in MBC radio 2 FM’s drama 10 @ 10 programme which saw him taking on Genii Blakk on Thursday.

It was a battle of giants considering the duo’s vivid reputation in local hip hop.

Numbers spoke louder on the night as they provided a much needed answer to the question of who is better than the other.

In this case Barry is better than Genii based on the listeners’ choice.

A total of 45 votes were enough to separate the two golden rappers. Out of 400 votes that were gathered through social media platforms, Barry got 245 votes leaving the remaining 155 for Genii.

Barry whose surname is Mkorongo, is one of the pioneers of Malawi hip hop hence he is considered a legend in the genre.

He started his music career as a gospel rapper before switching to secular only to make a U-turn years later.

Genii Blakk

Genii Blakk; Lost it.

The audience’s response towards his latest gospel songs has been quite warm making him still stand out. Genii Black is less popular since he embraced underground hip hop which is arguably not in good books with exposing artists.

Therefore it is only a few Malawians who follow hip hop that can appreciate the skill in this artist. Still, he remains one of the country’s towering hip hop giants.

Some of Barry’s songs which helped him steal the show are Chikondi Chathu and Wandichotsa which features Nepman.

Since the program involves playing songs done by artists concerned, in turns, all of Barry’s songs that were included in the programme are hit songs and some continue to enjoy a fair share of airtime.

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