Six nabbed for burglary


Police in Machinga district are keeping behind bars six men on suspicion that they stole household items from a residence in the district. crime (2)

Machinga police spokesperson Davie Sulumba confirmed to Malawi24 and identified the suspects as Pilirani Phiri 18, Alisen Sabiti 46, Victor Aufi, Lenzo Dickson, Bashir Samson and Samson Batumeyo all from Balaka district.

He said the six broke into the house of a resident and walked away with Samsung plasma screen, three decoders, laptop, laptop bag, DVD player, two electrical irons, a dongle and a Hi Sense subwoofer all valued at K400, 000.

After investigations, the law enforcers managed to arrest the six suspects.

Police have since recovered some items while investigations are underway to recover the remaining items.

Sulumba said the suspects have been charged with house breaking and theft which are contrary to section 309 and 278 of the penal code.



One Comment

  1. Send them to jail for life,

    You should be able to feel safe and your items should be secure from theft while in your home,

    Greedy selfish fuckers who break into someone’s home,

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