Devotion: Take an action today


Jas 2:26 ISV “For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so
faith without actions is also dead.”

Add action to what you believe. No action no faith. Many people wish
they start doing something but havent yet started. It remains a wish
till death. Move from wish to action.

Do something today.

Every Word of God needs action.

Faith minus action is what is called dead faith. Fear of action comes
mostly because of fear of failure. Many fear the unknown. Others fear
to lose money or to be mocked by others.

They already fail in their heart even before they start and hence they dont want to attempt at

2Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of
power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Forget all the fear and take
some action. Remember there is a thin line between a fool and great
person. What people call a foolish idea, when it works, will call you
great. All the great inventors of things were looking foolish when
they were developing the ideas but later people called them great.

The same for David. When he was about to fight the giant Goliath, he
looked like a fool without any experience in war, risking his life for
nothing. His brothers opposed him.

He was mocked and despised. He however knew that he had faith in himself and backed his faith with an action. He defeated the giant. The so called fool later became a great person and today, we talk about him.

What have you done with the idea? Have you taken any action or are you
looking for the “convenient time”? That right time will never come.
Today is the right time. The day you heard the Word and have built
faith for your action is the right day to take an action. God wants an
action today after hearing his Word. Heb 3:15 WEB “while it is said,
“Today if you will hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts, as in the

I will take an action today to do something that the Word has spoken
to my life. I will never leave any job unattended to. I will not leave
things for the convenient time. I will take an action. In Jesus Name.

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  1. chithuzi canuci cimagwilizana bwanji ndi uthenga wa YEHOVA conde amene akuziwa andiakhe tisamangot Ame ame osazia comwe tikucoitila

  2. we pray to him bcoz we believe he exists and he answers wonder why today when diseased bodies are healed we begin to give bad names to those whose prayers are being answered because they took an action of believing that faith without action is dead

    1. Please! Please our God is different from any other gods. He deserves special respect let Him have a capital letter…..”G” with this I know that He feels good because of Who He is!!!

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