Malawi hip-hop kings called Trap Squad

Trap Squad
Judagaga Trap Squad

One of the prominent rap pioneers in Malawi was a group, the Real Elements. From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, they launched and defined rap music in Malawi. They defied the odds and made a mark on a music scene which was being run by music from Balaka.

But as rap music was growing in Malawi, the essence of groups started losing its prominence. A rise of individuals like Third Eye, Dominant One and Young Kay, among others, started giving rap music the reputation of a one-man-journey. There were also some groups during that time. But they did not succeed compared to the people that took the individual path. All the groups that were in existence then can no longer be spotted today.

The coming of Trap Squad on the rap scene drew from some of us the feeling that the group will suffer the fate of the other groups before it. But looking from its recent projects, from their album, ‘Royal Family’ it says otherwise. The group seems to be focused and have concrete plans for itself. Currently, it is the only rap group in Malawi which is both active and connected.

Besides that, its combination is also good, and this is the reason it will continue rising. Its boss, Revolver, is a man who has been around on the scene for close to a decade now. He is not a good rapper as an individual. But he has proved to be a man who has the Malawi rap game on his heart and that is what has kept him relevant. He has great eyes as far as assembling a team is concerned. The combination of the group membership is a result of his vision.

Trap Squad
Revolver, Stitch Fray & Chavula

Stich Fray can easily be called the King of the Hook. That is where he has proved to be good at whenever he decides to be on a song. Besides that he is also one of the prominent producers of urban music. He has worked with various big artists and he is behind all the songs from Trap Squad. The combination of the genius mind of Fray and the team work is the reason behind the groups set pacing audios.

Sir Patricks, the group’s singer, is a gem in his own caliber. He has a great voice which he perfectly uses. He is the only group member I personally fear will think of completely going solo soon. Trap Squad has been behind his rise. But his voice may soon prove to him that he can do it better as a full time solo artist in another record label. But the group does not block solo projects as it can be seen from his recent individual productions. They have a heavy presence of the other group members. Perhaps, that is why he will stay.

Juda Gaga, the group’s First Lady, can safely be called one of the rap queens in Malawi. She is a ‘careless rapper’, that is how I look at her. She is not the type of rappers who are careful with their lyrics and how they can affect their image. She plays it the bad girl way; rapping all what she wants and leave the listener to guess if indeed she is what she raps about or the image of her artistry. She is a fluent rapper and full of swag. Being the only lady in the groups, it gives her a special platform on the scene.

[Mwiza] Chavula is the aggressive personality of the group. Through his lyrics, he can be seen to be a rapper who has a great sense of humor and does all he can to come up with the perfect combination of words. He has challenges with his speech as he is a stammer. But he overcomes that through an aggressive delivery, and combining this with his lyrical wit, he comes out sounding intelligent and powerful.

Chavula and Juda Gaga are a brother and a sister to each other. That makes the story even more impressive. He is the perfect definition of a good big brother; letting her sister appear a bad girl on the same song he is on. And it is not that he raps clean. He has also curved a reputation as one of the most outspoken rappers around. He is not afraid to rap on erotic matters in his lyrics. And he does it with his sister on the same track.  The artistry space they give each other is rare.

*Wonderful Mkhutche is a speech writer, a political scientist and a manuscript editor and developer.



  1. Am not into hip-hop but i believe that its all about the bad boy bad girl thing,so this lady is just trying to fit in like her peers in the US

  2. Am not into hip-hop but i believe that its all about the bad boy bad girl thing,so this lady is just trying to fit in like her peers in the US

  3. kings of wat?u ain’t a hip-hop follower #trap_squad wth overated artist #chavura nt gd as a hiphop artist palibe amene angamake pa #third_eye n #david_kalilani.

  4. Mkhutche is a writter of this age.I like your write based on research and proper analysis.KEEP IT UP.

  5. ooh ndingo commenta kt”Trap squad in the building,revover on the stage~chavula,stich fray pa pabeatinso.ikanakhala staff ya black jack akanangot indee!!,nkhani zonsez nzaulendo uno

  6. #2pac nde akhala ndan? Eee? #Makape inu….kapena #gwaladi timuti ndani??? uking….mumau3una eee #makape inu…???

  7. 2 sey the truth david kalilan nd dolo..kmaso mutat mupange search kuma beats a underground malawi hip hop yah wil c kut kumalawi madolo aliko kuposa ma rapperz ena omwe they gat o in o pa level yamu ghetto trap squad ikuyesela kma osat 2 an extent of coln em kings of hip hop in malawi..big up traps

  8. mumatha guys akunama ambiri wa
    Ku mtumbo Kwanu nonse ma haters
    #they r not hip h ..kings though

    1. Amenewo nd ma hip hop elders ase kma cnt you see hw street fame has taken over tha urban music….ndan waku malawi omvera hip hop sama3la home grown??? #kings of nowadays aseee

    2. i ddnt want to comment but you my nigga you have made me to… far as we are talking of hip-pop in MDBS you cant miss my men…homegrown na streetfame……you just kno

  9. pipo wl always critisise trap squad koma chek their pcs n phones thats what they r listening and watching.big up trap squad kp going

  10. hahahaha what????u mean hip hop kings??cum dnt mess da industry…akungobera ma style a Casper waku SA…#stitchfley ife Hip Hop tinayamba kuitsata tili mimba mea mai athu mwamva

  11. hahahaha what????u mean hip hop kings??cum dnt mess da industry…akungobera ma style a Casper waku SA…#stitchfley ife Hip Hop tinayamba kuitsata tili mimba mea mai athu mwamva

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  13. There is only 1 king of Hip hop and there will never be no one else and His name is DAVID NYAMBUTI MUIRA KALILANI Period osati zamasanje mukupanga inuzi

    1. A Raphael be civilized palibe nkhani yoti muzitukwana apa . Truth hurts mwina you got no ideal kuti DK ndi ndani he used to go by the name stiks get nyimbo zonse za Real elements uvelele bho bho and make ur judgment. Are u aware that David turnd down the offer from Sony BMG? Get a life brotherman

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