Morgan Heritage ready for Malawi

Morgan Heritage

The award winning Jamaican reggae outfit, Morgan Heritage, is gearing up for a historic performance on 30th April at Silver Stadium in Lilongwe, four months after delivering an appetiser of their live action to the warm heart of Africa.

The royal family has spoken highly of its concert which besides entertaining reggae loving Malawians, is expected to correct ‘errors’ made during their last show at Civo Stadium on 27th December last year.

Morgan Heritage
Morgan Heritage: Set Lilongwe concert again.

This comes amidst claims of daytime robbery made by people who patronised the Jamaicans’ last performance which did not meet expectations as lip synchronisation was substituted for live band.

Gramps Morgan, one of the group members, made the assurance about their forthcoming concert in Malawi on Sunday through his official Facebook page.

An attachment of a 15 second video clip that has gone viral across social networks reveals it all. It shows the band sitting around a table with Gramps, Peter and Mr Mojo doing all the talking.

Yesterday they were performing in Ivory Coast and they will next go to Senegal before rocking Malawi.

The 2016 Grammy award winners for best reggae album for Strictly Roots, have promised to perform using a live band. The concert comes courtesy of Born Afrikan Promotions which was also responsible for their first trip to Malawi. Previous reports on the 30th April event indicate that gate charges have been slashed to K7000 from K10,000.

This is understood to have been done to correct mistakes made during the last show.

This is in tandem with what Mr Mojo promised however he said charges were going to be halved.

Malawi’s reggae giants the Black Missionaries and Born Afrikan will perform at the event.

However, news of the show continue to receive mixed reactions from Malawians While some are anticipating the performance, others consider it an illusion hence giving a deaf ear to any information pertaining to it.



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