Nomads supporters boo Sulumba

Nyasa Big Bullets

There was drama at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe on Saturday during the Chifundo Charity shield clash involving traditional rivals, Mighty Be Forward Wanderers and Nyasa Bullets as Nomads supporters booed Bullets’ new signing Mohammed Sulumba.

The hitman however took no time to torment his former club as he scored an early goal having utilised a defensive error by wanderers’ Kondwani Lufeyo.

His combination with Flames striker Chiukepo Msowoya was a recipe for goals making him a thorn in Wanderers’ fresh, thus proving to be an eyesore in the Nyerere’s sense of sight.

The blues’ fans could no longer stand his humiliations but boo him in reaction while calling him all sorts of names.

Muhammad Sulumba
Sulumba; Got the boos from his old club.

However the gigantic forward was not moved as he kept discharging his services for Bullets much to the delight of their fans.

In a post-match interview with the local media, the striker said the boos had no effect on him. He defended Wanderers supporters, arguing they acted in that way because they wanted a victory for their club which he said is normal. Speaking on Bullets’ victory, he expressed happiness considering nature of the game.

The people’s team signed Sulumba from Blantyre United after the former Blantyre United finisher lost interest in the Lali Lubani boys, where he was loaned for a season.

His move did not please the Nomads camp as they were moving in on signing him following an impressive performance during his loan spell.

A player who jumps to the rival camp is considered a traitor since it is rare for the city rivals to trade players.

Sulumba was therefore branded betrayer by his former supporters for his best display during the curtain raiser to the TNM Super League which begins next week.



  1. Let us wait and see coz too much cooks spoil the soup and all zat glitters iz not gold but an early bird catches more worms now BB ikuyamba ndipo itenganso chikho chimenechi believe me or not ife ndi madolo mafana. Nyasa BB moto kuti buuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Akut their are building the team mpaka season loweruka ikuyamba stll building the team km Nakamula Fc yantha nzeru ndithu

  3. Weekend imeneyi ndasowa mtendere ndi ku wina kwa chingambwe bb ,kuchita kukhalangati ngati yawina chikho cha ma million.Koma kwa masapota onse omwe anamukuwiza Sulumba analakwisa kwambiri. Sizampira zimenezo.

  4. Sulumba wafikako ndi pa khomokhomo polowela mu flames keep it up men we love you

  5. Noma for Life, Every team in super leag eyeing to beat wanderers to be popular coz NOMA nde kholo lawo,
    kuluza zachifundo nde mpakana tisadyeko supatoh? SL ikuyamba* moni kwa NYERERE ZONSE….. Koma abale tipewe ZIWAWA kumpila, kwik recover to Vincent Mgona. Zampila izi….

  6. who cares??… mukaluza ikhale nkhani?.. chande nde zamuvuta uku he forged sum piece of contract..kkkkkk mukhaula manoma

  7. Sulumba don’t listen to their booes, akumva kuwawa mu mtima. Just concerntrate to what your coach (Franco Ndawa) is teaching. Remember J Chande wathawa coz of competetion with you, Have you ever herd of that, Player kuthawa coz of competetion??? Wabwera ku Peoples team akumva kuwawa indeed.

  8. Mlimi amalima, sulumba ndi player and striker for that, wat do nomads expect from player wophonya kutimu yao ,nde walowa bb yabwino atani sulumba ?? Kuvichinya bas

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  10. Coach Enerst Mtawali should be faulted for not including this guy in the national squad. If he watched how he played in the squad that won the PLATE trophy, Mtawali should agree with me Sulumba is the striker Malawians need in the national team. Let Mtawali forsake this advice if he wants his own downfall!

  11. mmmm abale ndimasewela awa kodi ndiwoyamba ameneyo kugoletsa kumbali ya timu yakale,bwanji osatengela chitsanzo EPL,LALIGA BBV,SERIE A(FRANCE & ITALY)BUNDAS LIGA.Sulumba adaonetsa ukadaulo koma ndizazing’ono izi

    1. Ukuziwa peter athu akunena chomchi ndi mmene iliri situation ya sulamba wangochoka kumene ku team yomwe iye amasewera and amamunena kuti sachinya polowaso mu ground masapota anoma amamunena kwambiri ndiye zomwe anapanga kuchinya mu maminutes oyambilira zinakhala ngati zathesa nyozo umene amanenedwa zomwe zikusiyana ndi maplayer wawantchulawa osayiwala bullets ndi wanderes akamasewera kuti kumakhala kunyozani tangoganiza anakakhala kuti sulumba sanachinye olo chimodzi bwenzi dzina la mr phonyani liri mkamwa mwa masapota a noma

  12. Amkati amaphonya phonya koma patangotha 4minites patsikuli anawachinya kuti atsimikize kuti walowa timu yodziwa kusula ma striker.

    1. Imagine only in seconds he scored against his former team,so neba take care it was just awarning he will destroy u again in super league.

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