33 prisoners freed in Nkhotakota


The High Court sitting in Nkhotakota on Thursday granted early release for 33 inmates from the district’s prison as a way of reducing the high number inmates at the correctional facility.

CourtThe released inmates were those who committed minor crimes such as theft and unlawful wounding but were incarcerated for falling to pay fines that the courts had imposed on them.

Out of the released 33 inmates, 32 admitted to have committed the offences and asked for an acquittal or community service.

Presiding over the screening process, Judge Dorothy Nyakaunda Kamanga observed that some convicts did not deserve the punishments meted on them as their offences were minor.

According to Kamanga, the prisoners might have failed to express themselves during their trials hence they got stiff punishments.

The judge however asked the freed prisoners to live exemplary lives to avoid ending up on the wrong side of the law again.

Nkhotakota Prison was built to accommodate 250 inmates but as of Thursday the prison had 498 inmates.



  1. I just thought I must share this to my fellow Malawians.
    Last weekend I was in Nkhatabay and while there, I met the Nkhata Bay DHO, Dr Mkandawire. He is a youthful medical doctor with lots of developmental ideas that can assist our nation. He was interested in our motorbike irrigation pump and took me to a plot belonging to the hospital just next hospital fence. I saw a very beautiful crop of maize belonging to the hospital.
    It was his effort to convince hospital management to start growing their own crops for patients. He convinced management of NB Prison to be providing Labour force to this farm. Now it has started yielding results and he wants our irrigation technology so that they can be growing 3 or 4 times a year.
    If you may recall, one of our cabinet ministers was misquoted when he sited the efforts of NB hospital as an example to emulate. Many quoted him as saying patients must farm for themselves.
    I just wish our journalists will be quick enough to pick on positive sides of stories and disseminate to general populace.
    What touched me most is the fact that the prisoners who are also more vulnerable to different diseases rely on this same district hospital for medical support. Not only that, if our Agricultural and Irrigation experts join hands on this noble course and teach these prisoners modern methods of farming, after serving their term some of the prisoners may come out with skills that make them self sustained and better citizens of our country.
    I would encourage our journalists to get more insight of this vision from the responsible DHO so they can enlighten the nation through their press platform

  2. They release prisoners,inot society as the prisons are to full,are they serious,what measures do they have in place that they will not commit the same crimes in society,will hey report to police stations,seriously this is stupid

  3. Gud News And Amaziment Kwaiwo Kwawo Atulukawo, But Dot Do Again A Criming Coz I Hopely U Had Have Experiances Hw Bitter Sitiuation Iz!! Kuka Kukapemphera Ku Manyumba Kwanu Sawa!!!!!

  4. Gud News And Amaziment Kwaiwo Kwawo Atulukawo, But Dot Do Again A Criming Coz I Hopely U Had Have Experiances Hw Bitter Sitiuation Iz!! Kuka Kukapemphera Ku Manyumba Kwanu Sawa!!!!!

  5. But dont take chance coz akutulusani,enanu ndi ndithawi yanu yot musithe pamene enaso ndi nthawi yanu kt muphedwe sopano coz nw dayz mukagwidwa tikumango pha tokha,so mind you!!

  6. Special announcement to the released prisoners. Plz be the civilised citizens and help 2 develope ths country. Kunja kuno kuli njala & we expect u guyz 2 wrk hard in Irrigation activities inorder to improve ur lives & well being. But if u think u will continue stealing from where u stopped, then am sorry 4 u coz Mob Justice has now been replaced with the Court sentence. Indoda Isizibonela!!!

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