Malawians betrayed in MSB sale

Malawi Savings Bank

…250 get the sack at MSB

The Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) has expressed concern over the firing of 250 FDH Financial Holdings employees, saying the retrenchment will affect the economy.

MCTU president Chauluka Muwake said the retrenchment is a very worrisome development as it will increase levels of unemployment in the country.

Malawi Savings Bank
Malawi Savings Bank sacked 250 workers.

“MCTU is very sad to hear that 250 people have lost their job. We still have more people who are unemployed and we are adding other people to that number,” said Muwake.

The MCTU president also faulted government for secretly selling the Malawi Savings Bank (MSB), saying the 250 employees have been dismissed because MCTU was not consulted during the sale of the bank.

He however said MCTU can intervene on the matter if the fired employees send formal complaints to the union.

Meanwhile, Muwake has urged the government to involve the union in the initiative of exporting workers to other countries saying this will help them to monitor the workers who are abroad.



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  5. I know that its obvious that some of the MSB workers might be fired. There are some reasons to do so like some of the workers alibe ma qualification owayenereza kut agwire ntchito ku Bank & etc. But as we know the bank owner was the gvt that means some upper officials take advantage to employ their relatives amene alibe ma qualification ovomerezeka. Bt i know there are some other workers lack of interest to their job & enaso awachotsa pa zifukwa zina ndi zina. This means if we need our upper official give us a chance to be employed we must have recommended qualification for that job. Osamangot achimwene andilimba ntchito

  6. Iyi ndi mwa nkhani imodzi yomwe ine sindizayiwala nkhanza za Munthalika.kodi anthu onsewa ntchito akazipeza kuti?nanga poti namo mboma munaleka kulemba anthu ntchito.Pamenepa ndikuthandiza kapena kuzunza?

  7. those workerz should blame APM..he is out of his mind,he just stand aside and watch his citizens suffering without doing anything as if we dont have the president in this countly….very silly goverment

  8. nde 250 enaso alimukati kupang a counting akagwira kt ntchito esh! Analakwisadi john chirembwe polanda mwachangu zikoli akanawasiya kaye azangu kuti atukule ziko lathu lino mayine ma droma akumangonyowera munyumba ndimvula kusowa kopita nawo bolaniso azathu kuQD SOUTH AFRICA AKUNJOYA coz sanalande mwachangu ziko lawo anadikira kuti atukule kaye ziko lawo shame tamalawi shame indeed

  9. MSB was stolen and then sold Illegally by Gondwe and Peter.They said MSB was not making Profits.Then the money was shared amongst Dpp Thieves in the name of Loans.Malawians are paying for the Dpp Thieves.We have the Mafias in Dpp Gvt.Now Gondwe with his Chief Thief want to establish two new Banks What Nosense is this !!? Just a way of stealing more money.Malawians said No to the sale of MSB but Gondwe and Peter went ahead.This was criminal case that needed justice in court.But I have no capacity to take these criminals to court my Activists are quiet on MSB.Am only shedding tears now ,day and night.Malawi is governed by THIEVES and LIARS.Malawi will never develop.But why do we let Thieves milking us????? My activists are quiet.Am at pains.At Poly students are not in class.But we have a president and Gondwe who dont know priorities for malawians.His priorities is the Night Six.Sad.

  10. Ask dpp fools and bwampini together with Maxson Mbendera a kuyankhani ife central region ndi northern region tidamukana galu ameneyu chifukwa timadziwa kuti alibe nzeru useless bastard now we’re planning to chase him from central region watch the space

  11. chifukwa inu ndinu amene mumalandila zambiri komanso kuluza kwa bank ndinuyonso chifukwa ndinu amene mumasogolera ndikuwongolera/Leading as weell as Directing the busness of the firm. Kapena mwawachosawa mwawapeza ndimashoteji? Samalani kusogolo zoterzi tizisegulirani milandu chifukwa kuchotsedwa kwa munthu amatha kuvutika ndi ambiri amadalira pa iyeyo. Imagine if one man z a custodian of 6 pipo culculate 250×7 product mutapeze mwawaika pamavuto. Zimatero zikavuta koma zisapilire myeso. PA RUMPHI.

  12. ife timadziwiratu kuti izi zichitika!
    malova achuluka mmalo moti ntchito zichuluke akuchulutsa malova! nanga anthu 250 onsewa angapannge business?

  13. Sopano tanthauzo lokukhala ophunzira ndikalembedwa ntchito ndilopanda pake. Bolanso kuphunzira ndi kuzilemba wekha ntchito monga bizinesi kapena ulimi, ngakhale nayonso yimafuna kapitolo/capital. Komabe ungathe kungongola ndikuzabweza iweyo nkusala ndi purofiti. Profit yomweyo kuyisandutsa capital yopitilizila bizinesi kaya ya ulimi or yogulisa zinthu. Inu 250 nzeru tathandizanapo apa mukasungulumwa chitani zomwezi. Inu munachotsa anzanu munalakwa. Ngati munaona ndalama kuchepa mukanachoka ntchito

    1. Of course not but the majority are blue and are the ones contributing to these problems. May be next time will vote wisely otherwise will have to live with these problems for the next five yrs.

  14. The bank should be repossessed because it was not sold in a transparent manner.Now they will recruit the same number of people who come from the same belt.

  15. Achite che resigne mudalayo onani achinyamata kuchita zinthu zonyasa monga:chiwerewere,kumwa moyo mwauchidakwa,kupha ndi kuba kamba kakusowa zochita so akuchosanso ntchito!!aaaaa malawi WARM HEART OF AFRICA dzuka kwanya.

  16. And the big Kahuna said it,that no more employing pple in the civil service(nobody knows what he meant,coz kumtunda ku phiri some are still employed daily),its a matter of destroy and leave!

  17. iwe muthalika nda azilongo ako…muuzane kuti simungatiputsistse ndipo iwe ndi fake president…ndipo anthu akufawa ndi crime against humanity imeneyi….

  18. Thats the problems of selling government properties coz the private owners can do everything they want,i dnt blame them but this magundwanu peter muthalika

  19. Malawians must wake up now. It’s hightime since our leaders start to walk the talk. They should know that M’ Malawi wachangamuka tisamangoombera manja zilizonse ayi. nanga azathuwa ntchito akaipezanso kuti. Inu aboma mulipira basi coz munatipusitsa.

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