Ten men fined for walking at night


CourtThe Ntchisi Second Grade Magistrate’s Court has sentenced 10 men to pay a fine of K12,000 each or in default to serve a three-month jail term for walking at night.

The court heard that the men during the night of March 23 to March 24 this year were found loitering at Ntchisi Trading Centre without apparent reasons and officers concluded that they wanted to commit a crime.

The Police officers arrested the men and charged them with rogue and vagabond.

Passing sentence, Second Grade Magistrate Young Ng’oma claimed that he fined the men to send a warning to other people who walk at night.



  1. Koma ka boma ka malawi kufuna kukokela chfukwa cha anthu oyenda usiku wapans nanga oyenda pagalimoto the same tym simuwatenga bwanj fuken govrment fuken leadrshp fucken police

  2. What have dey done to deserve 3 months in jail or paying 12 pin? To walk during nyt is it a crime? Wat do dey possesed wen dey were walking? Or u just want to steal dere money bcoz MW is corrupt country? Plz release dem

  3. Malamulo amenewo ndi achikalekale. so we can’t do business at night. the police had a responsibility to protect those people not to arrest them. Why arrest an innocent person?

  4. Walking at night is a bad habit and must be discouraged as much as possible. There are some NGOs trying to remove this law. This is nosense. There is nothing so dangerous as idle men in the middle of the darkness. Continue arresting these bastards.

  5. Wat about robbers who got cars? You salute them just bcoz they are in a porshy car and arest poor Malawian walking on foot. Idiots.

  6. Poor vocabulary. Plz malawi24 journalist u may report real things and find the journalism terminalogies when writting an article

    • Pa Bowe paja tinkayenda usiku tikafuna pano ndi mulandu? Ndine Kandoda inu o Mkhuzo, mwaniyiwala? I wish one day I go there where they arrest people in such a manner at tht hour. Odzadziwa kuti Kandoda mndani

    • Very true! Years have passed. Unfortunately we can’t turn the years back. Quipo is the 1 who knows me very better coz we were in the same class at Bowe but nevertheless we shall meet somewhere somehow Popeza the living do not leave each other.( AMOYO SALEKANA.)

  7. Ngati zolemba zasowa u betta go n hv a bed rest osati kumangolemba nkhani zopanda mutu apa iyaaa…….kufuna kungodzazisa page or chani? Futsekiiii admin uzifufuza nkhani zomveka osati kungotolapo zammasamba!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kadziko ka Malawi nkochepadi ndipo nkopondelezana. Pansinkhu wangawu munthu sangandiuze kut ndigone Nthawi yanji. Mudakula mdatha Ine. Omayi wanga omkati 6 kaloko madzulo mzipezeka panyumba tsano panonso nakula wina aziti nisayende usiku ngati nafuna? Human rights are violated there. Mchifukwa chake nimakhala dziko la kunja Ine. Kuno they police just search u on the road at night but they can’t take u 2 jail without evidence tht u’ve committed any crime. Thts BULL-SHIT akusowa ntchito mekoko. ZAPAMTUBO BASI!

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