Satire article against Bushiri fools Malawians

Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary Bushiri

A spoof article published by South African news website iMzansi saying Prophet Shepherd’s marriage is on the rocks has been taken for truth by many Malawians despite the publication clearly indicating the article was satire.

Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary Bushiri

The parody states that Bushiri faces possible imprisonment following a stream of accusations involving illicit relationships with various women and teenagers. It goes further, saying his wife caught the prophet pants down after going through his WhatsApp messages.

Our reporter in South Africa managed to get hold, though for a few minutes with the prophet’s wife, Mary Bushiri, as she was leaving her fellowship at ECG church in Pretoria and she laughed off the report describing it as a “late Fools Day joke.”

Mrs. Bushiri, who had initially refused to comment on the accusation saying she does not waste time on satire, said she had been saddened to hear that some Malawians had taken the spoof for fact.

“I would not lose sleep over satire, but, as a family, we plan to talk to the said paper to consider making a clear disclaimer that what they wrote about me or my husband is spoof and a cooked up story because others are being mislead by it. I understand the write meant to post this on Fools Day as a joke,” said Mrs. Bushiri.

Before dashing off into her car, she likened her husband’s phone to a TV saying it is often left at the house when the prophet goes to minister and kids even use it to play games.

“Even my kids at the house play with the phone. As a family, we don’t have secrets to hide. If you were to visit us, you will see that we lead a very open lifestyle. You can even have his or my phone for one week without any of us worrying.”

“By the way, we do not have deacons in ECG and no one is mentioned by name except my husband who usually eats home with me and our kids, not at restaurants as described by the satire. If he were to be eating out, every restaurant would be turning into a prayer place with different people always following him for prayers,” she concluded without taking further questions.

However, Malawi24 failed to get hold of the prophet or his press officer.



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