Remembering the dictator Bingu wa Mutharika

Bingu wa Mutharika

Bakili Muluzi once said that the problem with Malawians is that they have a short memory, they easily forget. He never could have been any right.

Bingu wa Mutharika
Bingu the autocrat

Recent posts on the social media have sought to present late Bingu wa Mutharika as a visionary and flawless man. The ardent admirers have nearly said that Malawi could have been paradise if Mutharika was around. Maybe they have forgotten that by now Mutharika would have had to exit the scene and be a retired President. Or they assume his brother Peter would have been his puppet, instead of being Ben Phiri’s.

While I would not like to dismiss the assertion that Mutharika appeared to have some sense when compared to the thief after him and the clueless brother, I find it hypocritical that people are trying to wash clean the soiled reputation of the dictator whom the same people held parties for when he died.

It is really disheartening that suddenly we have forgotten that Bingu urged his cadets to go about town roughing up people.

It was in the reign of Bingu that we were taken back to the dark days of politicking with pangas. It was in those days where freedom of expression was muzzled. Bingu did not just dislike the media as his brother has confessed to be doing of late, he aimed to kill it.a

Bingu ordered that there should be no business with Nation Publications. It was Bingu’s boys who torched a car belonging to ZBS. That is not progressive in any way, it is not democratic in any way. That is pure dictatorship.

Robert Chasowa died under the tenure of Peter Mutharika. Twenty protestors were also killed point blank under the dictatorship of Mutharika. What did he do? He blubbered of useless commissions of enquiry that were only to be set up posthumously by his nemesis.

Lest we forget that Peter Mutharika was actually forced to be in politics. If you can see the demeanour of him these days and hear of his outburst, you know that it is a man who has been forced to lead us. He was actually forced by his brother whom for the love of power could not stand a democratic and transparent convention elect his replacement. We can only speculate it is because he was afraid of jail. He had a good reason to be afraid.

DPP panga wielding cadets
DPP cadets! Bingu ruled through use of fear and terror

Although the Cashgate was revealed under the thievery tenure of JB, recent audits have shown that even Bingu was a beneficiary of stolen loot. From the questionable contracts awarded at Kayelekera to the loopholes in the various ministries, you can only absolve Bingu of corruption if you are DPP or related to the Mutharikas. Otherwise the evidence fingers him.

Mulhakho wa Alhomwe was not simply formed to celebrate culture. It was formed to meet Bingu’s tribalism goals. He was a tribalist, on that we should agree. It is for the same reason he said of the non-existent Mzuzu corner and his appointments largely looked like he was appointing people into the board of Mulhakho when it was the national cake that had to be shared.

His arrogance was costly. It was for that arrogance that there was no fuel in the country and our forex levels were trimmed to the size of a banana republic. He managed to coat that arrogance under ‘making Malawi self-dependent’ but I can assure you that it was just plain arrogance. If it was economic independence for this country, he would not have rushed into a marriage with China. If it was independence he would not have been striking strange mining deals with imperialist thieves.

Today as we want to remember the life of Bingu wa Mutharika, let us also remember the life of a brutal dictator who disliked every democratic process and activity.



  1. By the time malawians when you was enjoying it’s the time when we tanzanianias we extremely suffered from the brutal leader ship we had. We are now tryn to standerdiz our economy en we will be back to show the world that we can leave without depending from any one else.

  2. even your father was a dictator in his house but still you remember his goodness.Bingu wasnt a dictator but he wished malawi well but people failed him

  3. machende anu a mw24 4 callng di late prezdent as a dictator..i really miss his presents & more ova during his tym i’ve learned alot….so pliz dont divert pipo’s mind set on oxa pipo,ok?

  4. Blessed are your eyes for what they see and blessed ears for what they hear,only God knows the great job Bingu done in the history of malawi.

  5. He was the best ever President of Malawi since time immemorial: Things changed when Ethel Mutharika died; She was the best ever first lady to lead his husband in developing the country; May his soul REST IN peace:

  6. You have nothing wise to write you better shut your mouth as your brain has done.How many people were killed in MCP regime? How many were killed in UDF regime?. which regime has a clean shit? Find something wise to write or quit your job and. search for another carrier

  7. ngati mumawelenga baibulo,buku la mphunzisi limati osanyadila infa ya nzako chifukwa nawenso uzafa.ndiye ife infa ya a Bingu imatikhuza timanva chisoni

  8. Bingu was a dictator, but was a thinker with some sense of wisdom to some extent not this phala la mwana or mkute that we have today, a man who is easily manipulated and twisted left and right even by nonentities in the name of panga cadets. the man does more snoring dreaming than being awake to see the world. He has no muscle or bone.

  9. mmmhh kuitana bingu kt dectator mkulakwa kwakukulu ,ndani angakondwelese tonse muno? Tiyeni tiphunzile kuyamika pa zomwe anatipangira tisamangonyoza.

  10. Bingu Wa Mutharika will be remembered as a dictator not a democrat.His first term was alright because he had strong opposition therefore he feared impeachement. He showered his true characters during the 2nd term. All is well that ends well. Even if you are a righteous man and starts sinning later in life till your death you will not enter heaven.

  11. Nthawi zina a News mumaganiza ngati mbuzi its not Democracyt we eat, ..

  12. In his dictatorship our country was good to everyone, even in villages, the first five years ”and l salute him +Goodal as finance at that time, ,,,O Peter phd is American, can’t know tears and groans of people in villages .Mhsrip!

  13. most of you malawians, you r full of usawi, njiru, kaduka, ufiti and etc, bingu was the one and onry strong president in malawi, muwafunse a jonh tembo, amanena without bingu dedza will remaing bush, bt now dedza is one of good looking district. ndiye avumbwe ngati inu munena chani

  14. Bangu ngati anali oipa aziwa ndi mulungu, inunso ngati muli abwino alemekezeke mulungu wakumwamba, koma mu zoonse tilemekeze mulungu, coz tikati tilibe tcimo tizinyenga tokha

  15. Malawi24! You are still remembering what we learnt in secondary school about dictatorship and apply it here. Dont use your brain only to remind you the definition of dictatorship but also to compare the developments of countries under dictatorial leadership and those under democratic or autocratic rule. You will see that they are far much better than us. And if you can’t notice the tangible developments that the man you are labelling as dictator did in a few years, you need to consult a medical personel for mental check-ups. Bingu was really a man, not these women we have today.

    1. #elias you deserve a hournororium award for such a nice and well explained comment.i wonder if these guys hav a blind eye over the legend’s achievements in such short time.#team bingu yemweyo

  16. Musiyeni nzimu wake uuse mumtendele mudamuchita chipongwe kumunyoza kumuyipitsa mudziko mwayo maiko akunja kuti ndi munthu oyipa lelo wakoma mwawona ubwino wake poti adafa muli ndi tsoka lalikulu zedi mulibe m?dalitso mudzaziwona mwango flasha chabe

  17. it pains me to see these fucking Media’s against people of potential… all I can say is Fuck you all and your children even your parents fuck you

  18. Sanali prezident amene ujah koma kape, amangokondera akwawoko, he hated us (northeners), he killed my brothers durin the MZZ demos and i hate him 4 that,qouta system, i wil neva 4giv hm, he should go i dont know wether to hell or abyss ,,

  19. U might have known him from the outside but those who knew him from the inside will tell u why some pipo call him Saddam, Tate Kamuzu used to say ” This is Malawi ” to those who wanted change and u know what followed!! Call a spade a spade!

  20. Bingu was a”man”, visionary leader, dreamer who always made sure that his dreams become real. Many people loved & trusted him so much and it’s for the same love & trust that people had on Bingu that helped the incumbent president & his DPP to win 2014 general election.

  21. Anthu ophunzira bwino amaganizila zosowa za anzawo the way Our Late Bingu was doing… Osat mbava zomwe zilipo izo …..and I hope nothing these current leaders ll do than Our late Bravo Bingu Wa Mutharika…/RIP

  22. But remember nthawi ya DR Mluzi sikuti ananyozedwa ngati zapanopazi. Nokha simngazifunse kuti bwanji zilichonchi! It means mluzi anachita bwino kwajinji and binguyoso mwina anayeserako kumbali yachitetezo

  23. These are all sons & daughters of devil who does nt want to give credit where it is due leave dem like that until dey wl day be dreaming

    1. They are bitches and mother fuckers, They speak against a man who developed the nation…
      Look at yo Malawi today,poor, begging and no national development infrastructures…. Fuck Guys

  24. He was the best reader ever. Been debating with a certain USA guy about Africa. He told me that, Bingu, Gaddafi. Ndiomwe anali heads of Africa, and azungu amapeleka ulemu. Koma black people jealous plus umbuli. Muziyenda maiko muziona ndikuziwa zambiri…

  25. This gvt winning the next elections zichita kuoneselatu kuti ndi chi corruption, Bingu and bakili amaziwa za malawi how rural people grind to survive.nkuluyi wakhalisa ku america,zoti anthu amangomwa madzi nkukagona sakuzi.tinapanga mistake kusiya anthu omwe

  26. i only like the name “dictator”. yes he developed Malawi but i need nobody to remind me of his stupid second term. i lest my case

  27. munthu yu size yake ndi achina Gaddafi Mandela osat bakili muluz kapena joice banda those idiots…only worried about there pocket and live country with poor situation i feel shame on my mother land malawi!

  28. Agalatia Kamuzu Sanakuuzen Kut Multiparty Ndi Nkhondo ? Mmayesa Chuma Et ? Muyisova !A !A

  29. Admin u r very stupid for calling the late bingu dictator. He remains the only prsdent who put development first. May his soul rest in peace. If it would have been possible to exchange the dead ones and livings one. Malawians would have exchanged chakwera for Bingu.

  30. Thank you mr 24 news to remind me of this man the late president who killed 20 men at once akanafika lelo kukanafa ambili apume mu mtendere

  31. of all the comments in this article, i hav seen that Bingu oz a Man,,, he who doesnt appreciate his works, ali ndi polobulemu,,,, to me bingu analibe polobulemu,,, it will tek ages for Malawi to hav a visionary leader lyk him than mbava zamasiku anozi!!

  32. don’t for get that any from reaI Ngwazi him seIf any Ieadership come up with some change Bakiri,Bingu,JB even Peter,but we use to be bIind at the spot n we back to our sight Iater on,stop taIking about bad thing onIy not even good things onIy,try to taIk about borth n see which side is gonna bIance ok

  33. Kod ndinu anthu antudu wanji??? Ali moyo mumamutukwana lero pot anapita mukut strong and vission leader Why mumayamikira mwin palibe????????

  34. Let me collect you a bit, Malawi 24.Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika wasn’t a dictactor at all, infact is that this National needs a man of such calibre to run and turn the livelihoods of Malawians. To me he seconds to Hastings Kamuzu Banda, full of visionary a man who walks the talk. I don’t count on his failures, course to every man thats the norm of the day. My your soul rest in peace the TRUE son Of our Mother nation Malawi.

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  36. Komatu zomangamanga zomwe mukuzionazi sanamange iye Bingu anamanga ndi a maiko akunja mudzina langongole ndithandizo moti ngongole zinazo tikubwenzabe mpaka pano,kodi mukufuna kundiuza kuti munthu akukanika kumanga toilet kunyumba kwake a neighbour ndikuzamumangira pamenepo angamanenenso kuti wamanga ndi iyeyo,ndalama yathu yansonkho yanthawi ya Bingu ina ndi ijai 577 billion akukanika kuwatchula omwe anadya ija mmalo mwake kumangotchula 92 yanthawi ya JB aMalawi anzanga tiyeni tizitsatila bwino nkhanizi otherwise tizingoimbila mmanja ndi anthu omwe akutibela omwe

    1. Sifa, Munthu Wa Mutharika Amaba Nkumatithandiza Osat Kuba Ndikuthawa Nazo Ndichifukwa Chake Lero Uyu Wa Mutharika Akuvutika Lero To Follow The Footstep Of Our Hero, There Is A Gap.

  37. Amigo,

    Is this how you gonna rate Bingu??

    Kwa munthu yemwe amamva chisoni ndi state yomwe Malawi ali, won’t agree with you.
    In as much as aliyense ali ndi mbale ziwiri; ubwino ndi kuipa kwake. Ndi mbali iti yomwe ikuposa inzake? Pa moyo wake, zomwe anachitira Malawi, ndi mbali iti yomwe ikuposa inzake?

    Tisaiwale kuti nthawi yomwe zinthu zimaonongeka kuno some UNPATRIOTIC Malawians played a greater role kuti zinthu zifike poipa.
    PULL HIM DOWN SYNDROME – which still reigns in our country, was at its best then.

    Ndi zomvesa chisoni kuona kuti a Malawi ambiri sitimaona ubwino wa Bingu, pomwe anthu ena ambiri kunjako amaona ndikuyamikira ubwino wa Bingu.

    Fact – Malawi tinaluza mtsogoleri wabwino yemwe akanathandiza dzikolino kupita patsogolo.

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  40. We didn’t know him when he was alive but we knew him when he was dead , bakili abiti ntila and peter putting together they cant match him!

    1. Mmmm No No Bingu Anali Osadzikundikira Coz Anayesetsa Kuchita Chitukuko Mogwilizana Ndi Masophenya Ake Ngakhale Ankadziwa Kut Udindo Wakewo Ndi Olandilanalandilana(chitukuko Mu Dzaka Zochepa).Koma Kamuzu Ankachita Chitukuko Monga Mmene Munthu Angachitile Ndi Plot Yake Coz Sankaganiziraso Zot Iyeyo Nkudzachoka Paudindo Ndipo Ankadzitcha Wa Muyaya.(anachita Izi Mu Dzaka Zambiri Pafupifupi 36)..Ndine Odala Ndipo Ndipo Ndimadziona Kukhala Wamwayi Chifukwa Chot Sindinatengepo Mbali Ponyoza Bingu Mnthawi Yomwe Anali Moyo Komaso Ndinkakwiya Ndikamamva Anthu Akutsutsana Ndi Bingu.Mfundo Zake Zofuna Kut Tikhale Anthu Odzidalira Tokha Zinkandigwira Mtima Kwambiri.

  41. its only a fool who can call bingu a dictator, they r totally blind i loved this man to me he stands as a true son of africa, and my role model, may ur soul rest in peace

  42. Whatever is happening in Malawi is a program of The Lord God. People demonstrated against Bingu on 20 th.July 2011, The Lord responded, He eliminated Bingu, peace came to Malawi. There is NO WAY The Same God can accept brother to Bingu to be President in Malawi. We can say there must be something wrong. The vision is that The Lord has done deliberately, this Peter Muthalika government will NOT last. The Lord God is establishing His own government in Malawi.

    1. Usatchule dzina la mulungu wako pachabe. And u r very stupid by bringing God’s name in politics. Bingu dead because it was written in the bible that we shall die. No matter what. Who are u to know God’s plan about Malawi. Son of devil may God punish u severe. Kwanu sikunachitikepo maliro? Abale ako anamwalira aja anali ochimwa kwmbiri? Iwe kupezeka ndi moyo lero ukuona ngati uli ndi nzeru kwambiri moti sungafe mwadzizi? Kapena ukuona ngati bingu anamwalira chifukwa anali ochimwa? Ukakhuta usamathe mawu pankhani ya imfa chifukwa za tsiku lako suziwa kuti uzafa liti nanga uzafa bwanji.

  43. Zonyoza president wakale kuiwala zabwino sindupanga nao, ati zonyoza malemu sindupanga nao.

  44. continue resting in peace if so prof. muthalika u left marks that no amount of years can erase u did the good and the bad but for sure your good subdues your bad. big up

  45. autocracy is the best only when u want to develop any institution including gvt,, ilov dictatorship,,4 sure and isalute 4 the late ngwaz proffessor Bingu Wa Mutharika,,,he Deserves To B Remembered,,,irest My Case

  46. Thanks malawi24 for letting me remember this great man malawi ever had, a man who did things we can point at withing the 7 yrs of his leadership. when i sit down and look at city center today, the new parliament building, the Bingu international conference center, not forgetting the malawi university of science and technology, i thank God for this great man He gave us, the late Bingu wa Munthalika………………………………………….. if not for his i cudnt be talking of the new stadium in Lilongwe today…… may his soul continue resting in peace

    1. He was a visionary leader guys. I hate those who call him a “dictator” because he was never one! We’ll forever remember you the great STATESMAN!

    2. Even myself wen i see Ls now i laugh because inkandipangisa manyaz as a capity city,but now mm nice city..5 star,stadium,parliament,college of science,chilambura road,chipembere highway ,prensidential villas and some uncountable developments…R.I.P our hero..

    3. Even myself wen i see Ls now i laugh because inkandipangisa manyaz as a capital city,but now mm nice city..5 star,stadium,parliament,college of science,chilambura road,chipembere highway ,prensidential villas and some uncountable developments…R.I.P our hero..

    4. Anthu ambiri tinkamukondadi Bingu. Ikanakhala nkhondo pa imfa yake tikanamulanditsa ku nkhondoyo mosavuta. Rest in peace our leader. The works of ur hands wil speak 4 u 4 generations and generations to come.

  47. Ndiye muone bingu akativutida mpaka anthu anaphedwa around malawi chifukwa champions amalawi nomwenu mkuyamba kusapota his brother what is that ofoila ndinda pena tichita kuzipangisa tokha amalawi especially mafumu ndiye samachedwa kufoila ku.mulanje kuli kaliati.kodi anthu akumulanje kaliatiyu amkupasani chani

  48. I even think that for Malawi to develop we need some kind of dictatorship,that’s why Bingu managed to do somethings differently….

    1. whats about those innocent souls he murdered in mzuzu? the money he stole? he was ll good during his first term and i voted him in for his second term all over a sudden he became a pussy, RIP

    2. He did not murder anyone people they murdered themselves, That issue was politically motivated people must blame themselves for being used with politicians to over come something. After all how good u may be in life u can’t be good anyone still some people will find a way to hate u thats life

    3. Bingu was great leader. Bingu killed nobody. Inu mukagwa ndi njinga mu ulamuliro wa Peter wachititsa ndi iye? A malawi let’s be patriotic. Lov ur country. Give envy no room in ur hearts. Jealousy wil take Malawi back as it was 200 yrs ago.

    4. Mmalo motukula maanja anu mumakhala busy involving urselvs in demos whose cause u did not know. Don’t 4get wat Chilembwe said about involving Africans in wars whose cause they did not know.

  49. It seems every president in MW is becoming a dictator, i suggest we should join in prayer and ask papa God to send us an angel for a president in MW otherwise the kind of president we are looking for does not exist here on planet earth, eish munthu sazayamikaso basi kkkk. RIP WAMUTHALIKA

    1. Iwe ndiye ukapulumuka?mulibe mfundo man bola osayankhula tikamati visionaly sitinena kuti munthuyo azikhala mngelo nthawi zonse ai

    1. Bingu was a good reader. Makani aja, amapangira kukutetezani ku New world order. Plus Joyce Banda amakanena mabodza maiko akunja. Ndiye utha kufufuza anthu omwe anapangisa ma demo. Anali atadya dollar zamabungwe omwe amalimbikisa world order. Bingu nngosalakwa..

    2. I’m agreeing with you #emulyn. I have never seen such visionally leadership. Amapanga zooneka ada aja. Palibensoooo atcheya adalamulira opanda olo kuganiza za stadium ya bwino

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