Leo Mpulula dumps Max Bullets

Leo-Mpulura: Dumps Max Bullets.

With just a week before the Super League kicks off vocal mentor Leo Mpulula has stepped down as coach for newly promoted  side Max Bullets, Malawi24 can confirm.

Mpulula says that the team has not been giving in to his demands which include buying the players of his wish for the team.

He claims that the team’s managements has also failed to do a couple of important things which would help the team do well in the league.

His side recently lost to Mighty Wanderers at Kamuzu stadium in a match he turned his anger on the officiating panel.

He made revelations that some of the top players at the team truned down the contracts due to lack of funds.

Mpulula’s resignation could be a blow for the side as most of the newly promoted sides have found it hard to cope with the football tense in the top tier.

He has since been replaced by Patrick Kulemeka.




  1. Wachita bho ma player sangamawasainitse k100000 contract ya zaka zitatu kuwabera ana kumeneko asaaaaaaaaaa. kutengerapo advantage kut ndiovutika koma luso lilipo

  2. Leo bvuto lake ali ndi phuma kod ku Nsenjer teamyo imatani iyeyo waona kut phindu kulibe axanamepo apa ife tikumuziwa ameney

  3. pampira kumalawi ufulu fm chigwenembe ndi gulu lake ananena kuti Leo ndi wa shot temper as well as kapanda ee!! zaonekadi

  4. A Leo Ferguson Mpulula ndi coach wabwino yemwe amatha kupanga timu ya mphamvu ndi osewera achichepele, koma vuto ndi loti alibe khalidwe labwino mkuluyu. Amazitenga ngati ndi ofunikira komanso wa nzeru kuposa anthu ena kapena mabwana awo,zomwe sizikuwathandiza mpang’ono pomwe zafikapa angosiya za mpirazi ayambe zisunzo.

  5. yatha basi chingambwe bullets mulira simunati

  6. Nde bwino. Ndkusowa alimi a fodya a expl ngati Leo, nde mumudze afulumile coz mbande zili boh. Zampiraz zmuchedwetsa – simbali yake & amchuluka ma-xcuz.

  7. zofunikira? mwayi wa ntchito muli nawo koma phuma, tawonani anzanu mmene akuvutikira pompano mumasowa makhwala mutadwala kumapemphetsa mwayiwala kale?

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  9. And Sulom doesnt have any remedies for cases like these save for BB and Wanderers. They will just impose fines incase Max B fails to honour a fixture due to financial hiccups and if the league starts. without securing a HAYATU B LICENSE

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