MCP, DPP urged to break regional barrier

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika
Mutharika’s DPP also drilled.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have been urged to make sure they appeal to Malawians from all regions if they are to have a serious battle in the 2019 elections.

Reacting to the low turnout of people at an MCP rally held at Nyambadwe school grounds in Blantyre on Sunday, one of the country’s political commentators said the two parties should stop practicing regional politics.

The political commentator, Lyson Sibande said it is high time the MCP had a strong support on the national level.

“I think the disaster MCP experienced in Blantyre confirms how regional the party is and the need to rethink the strategy on breaking the regional barrier. As long as the regional barrier stands along the way, I can prophesy that MCP will come second in 2019 and they will accuse the winner of rigging,” he said.

Lazarus Chakwera.
Chakwera: His MCP also asked to change.

Sibande further said that the DPP is also slowly becoming a regional party and that will work to its disadvantage in the long run.

According to the analyst, DPP was a national party in 2009 when it won the general elections with a landslide victory.

However, the party begun to drift into a regional party and had a narrow escape in 2014 Elections.

He said: “the DPP just like MCP must rethink a nationalising strategy otherwise they are both faced with an uncertain future and anything competitive that can spring up with a national force, can overtake both parties.”



  1. The problem is not MCP and its leadership, but the angulu and achawa tribes, reason: luck of education and a sence to understand themselves – leading to zero brains think rationally. What is key is kuwedza nsomba and kuthyola tea then think of only supporting and voting Achawa or Angulu idiots.

  2. DPP imeneyo sinkhani,koma MCP yo chifukwa kumwera kuno zake ndiye zinavunda.Ngati akufuna antenge Chakwamba kuti atsogolere apo bii 2019 MCP ku opposition benches.

  3. DPP imeneyo sinkhani,koma MCP yo chifukwa kumwera kuno zake ndiye zinavunda.Ngati akufuna antenge Chakwamba kuti atsogolere apo bii 2019 MCP ku opposition benches.

  4. pple frm south are very tribalistic. they vote 4 person cming 4m south while centre and south they atleast share votes stop regionalism pple from south

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  6. Urged DPP? I think the advice should have gone to MCP,PP,UDF as well as AFORD because these four political parties have no Mps from all the regions in Malawi.Only DPP has Mps in all the regions. You the media you are the ones influencing divisions amongst malawians. Some politcians are also involved in dividing malawians through their red lips ,they think they are good at talking,they can convince the voters by castigating other politicians.If they really want to win the hearts of the voters they must first of all guard agaisnt their tongues ,its not about money,its not about what they give but its about the love of the people,its about integrity,patriotism and hardworking.

  7. Mostly mcp has a huge task ahead of it. No party will ever win elections with votes from one region. Mcp has now penetrated the north but they hav to work even harder to buy their way in the south. Dpp is a rulling party now, it will be very easy for them to garner support in all regions of the country.

    1. U r lying Ronnie, dpp has about 4 to 5 mps in the centre and northern region altogether . Some of these mps just joined them. They hav a majority of mps in the south. This tells u that it is slowly bcming a regional party.

    2. Mcp has 2 in the north while dpp has just 1 in the north thru the ballot. The rest joined after elections. Jappie mhango was mcp he lost primaries and contested on mps seat as independent.

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