Malawians continue blaming Police over criminal acts

Malawi police

Malawians continue to fault police officers for perpetrating criminal acts, a malpractice which makes citizens to take laws into their hands.

police malawi
Police officers faulted. (Library)

This follows a series of robberies and abductions of people with albinism in the country which are forcing people to kill suspects.

Despite authorities speaking tough against the conducts, these criminal acts refuse to die a natural death on the land.

Commenting on Malawi24 Facebook Page, many Malawians have faulted the police for perpetrating criminal acts in the country.

“Right now the police are at the forefront of doing criminal acts in the country, it will be hard to curb the malpractice because our law enforcers are involved,” wrote Abdul Aziz Kongwe.

Concurring with Kongwe, Lawrence Mulenga wrote: “to be honest police officers are failing to give us their duties, and it won’t be unfair once I say they know something about these criminal acts.”

While Fidas Elizee said: “Corruption is playing a big role on this issue, because these criminals do have courage having in mind that their money will save them from the law once they pay something to the police officers”

Meanwhile, President Peter Mutharika has condemned criminal acts in the country arguing that Malawi is a God- fearing nation.

Mutharika has further urged the clergy to spread a message of love among Malawians, saying that the current situation does not reflect love of one another.



  1. no wonder apolice akamapanga katangale…anthuwa amalandila ndalama zochepa bt r d most impotant pple….nde mukt akakudyeran kt? consider them (gvmt)

  2. No wonder anthu akumalanga okha..police in malawi has got luv of money..sazatithandizanso anthu amenewa!!!! bola ithe polisiyo alowe a G4s or aneighbourhood….

  3. Apolice nso ndiye mbavazo amabvwerekamifuti zigandanga nkumavulazanthu mmizimu matawonimu?ndiye umbavasungatheai?

  4. If The Suspect Founded With The Human Bones Even Though You Are Just Suspecting Him/her,it Means They Murder Somewhere And Letus Murder Them Too,Ok

  5. Iam behind mob justice and the next to be torched and beaten are the police.Unless they work effeciently mob justice won’t stop

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