Mutharika ‘pained’ by criminal acts

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has condemned the increase of criminal acts in the country, saying the unlawful conducts pains him.

Speaking at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre during a meeting with Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (C.C.A.P) general assembly on Thursday, the Malawi leader said it saddens him to see acts of mob justice, killings of people with albinism, and human trafficking in the country.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: pained by criminal acts

“Where are God’s Commandments? Where is the love that the risen Christ left us with,” wondered Mutharika.

He then urged the church leaders to preach a message of love among Malawians in the country.

Mutharika further called on Malawians to stop taking laws into their hands arguing that the country’s constitution gives mandate to fair justice.

Reacting to Mutharika’s remarks, moderator of the CCAP general assembly Reverend Timothy Nyasulu said some criminal acts are perpetrated by blame games and economic hardships.

Nyasulu further said the church will not condone criminal acts in the country, arguing that Malawi is a God-fearing nation.

The CCAP General Assembly comprises the Synod of Livingstonia, Blantyre Synod, Nkhoma Synod and all synods from Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Among the delegates were Vice Moderator for Zimbabwe, Reverend Partson Chirongo, Deputy Secretary General for Zambia, Reverend Gerald Phiri and Reverend Edward Tembo, Deputy Secretary General for Nkhoma Synod.




  1. Ndachizete apresdent wo ay thought being an educated one is akey for all

  2. Iwe Ukapita Kutchalitchi Panga Zopemphera,Chimbava Chachabechabe Iwe

  3. Criminal acts’ leaders are in his cabinet. Deal with them first and show us that you really care, Mr Presdent. Make a thorough investigation in the Ministry of Agriculture and all other ministries for the alleged cash theft then we, Malawian citizens will start to believe you. Learn from your neighbours, Mr President, and start acting. We need your strong positive actions and not your emotions or feelings

  4. Mob justice ikubwera chifukwa cha kukhumudwisa kwa apolice akamutenga mbava lero mawa watuluka.Mr Presdent,muli inu mutaberedwa,how can u feel?

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