Malawians urged to invest in fish farming

Fish farming has a great potential of stimulating the country’s economy if taken as an important business in the country, a fish farming expert says.

Fish farming  could help Malawi. Image credit (
Fish farming could help Malawi. Image credit (africanfarming)

Fish Farming Adviser for Blantyre Paul Mazikosamba says Malawians should consider fish farming as one of the businesses that can highly contribute to Malawi’s economy.

Mazikosamba made the remarks in Chilomoni Township where he met fish farming farmers club called Tidzidalire.

According to Mazikosamba, fish farming has helped the farmers to meet their needs in a short period of time.

He said the farmers started their business with 3 pounds    of fish but now they are taking care of 15 pounds of fish, which he claimed is a great improvement.

He also revealed that the farmers are harvesting baskets of fish at the end of the day which are worth thousands of Kwacha.

The fish farming advisor said statistics are showing that the farmers are making profits even though they have to invest a lot of money in the business.




  1. Crab sotu ndi game mesaso iyo imakhala m’madzi momwemo ine ndiyamba kuweta zimenezo kkkkk koma ukati usayitenge bwino imapana ngakhale mkamwa kkkkk.

  2. Somba mukuloleza kuweta anthu wamba eti nanga zinaZi bwa ?

  3. the name should be Paul Madzikusamba and it must also read as ponds not pounds as a weight measure. Atleast this is good news to hear although use of indegenous species has proved disaster for aquaculture in Malawi despite continued resistance by government to allow for the introduction of exotic species. At the crowling production rate from aquaculture, Malawi deserves to have fish keepers not farmers….

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