Murder suspect killed in presence of police officers

Nicholas Gondwa

An angry mob in Dedza on Monday morning attacked a police unit in the district and took out from the cell a murder suspect whom they later killed.

Nicholas Gondwa
Gondwa; Confirmed the incident.

According to national police spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa, the incident happened at Kabwaza police unit and it is said that the suspect went to the house of one of the villagers where he killed the resident.

“The villagers went to the police unit at around five o’clock in the morning and forced their way into the cell where they took out the suspect,” said Gondwa.

Eyewitnesses say, the police on duty had no chance to rescue the suspect from the angry villagers who were in large numbers and the police were easily overpowered.

This is coming days after some different organizations in the country condemned the behaviour of people who are granting themselves the power to punish suspects.

On Tuesday, former Thyolo Thava Member of Parliament, Lifred Nawena said the increase of mob justice in the country is a result of police’s dishonesty.

In Blantyre on the same Monday, angry residents in Chinyonga burnt to death a man for being suspected to have stolen a handbag and two smartphones.  



  1. I was there yesterday. It’s called Kabwazi and not Kabwaza.

  2. a malawi anatopa kalekale ndizaumbanda ma bail akungoperekedwa malipose bola 48 hrs ikakwana,osabwererakoso ku court,apolice athu tnchito akuigwira anatopa kalekale kuima mu court tithandizane nawo kupanga eliminate zinazi zanyanya tiyeoni nazo pa angry mob no body is to be convicted

  3. Nawena sakunama motu kunonso posachedwapa zichitka

  4. Evildoers r supposed to receive what they deserve for.He who kill with asword should be killed with asword.Mob is what we all need.Keep it up mob network.

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