Boy drowns at Chitete Dam


An 18 year-old boy has died after drowning in Chitete Dam in Kasungu, police say.

According to the Kasungu police spokesperson Edina Zigwisa, the deceased Adam Wisiki went to the dam to swim together with his friends.

She  said the boys were jumping from the top of a bridge into the water. Drowning

“When the boys were having their game of jumping into the water, others were surprised to note that one of their friends was not coming out of the water. After searching they found him already dead,” said Zigwisa.

Post-mortem results from Kasungu hospital revealed that Wisiki died due to suffocation after drowning in the dam.

The deceased hailed from Chitete village, Traditional Authority (TA) Kaomba in Kasungu district.

Chitete dam is one of the water sources used by Central Region Water Board to supply water to Kasungu residents.


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  1. Pliz parents and guardians let us look after our kids properly.This iz a great loss .RIP

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